Navratan – Hindi

Navratans – An Introduction

Kabirdasji has given sermons on nine jewels for the soul. As we adorn the gold jewellery to enhance our physical beauty, these internal jewels enhance the beauty of the soul. God likes those attributes in us, which are like His own, those who adopt them find favor in His court. These sermons have been expanded by Chandra Prabha Ji Maharaj in her satsangs and will be presented before you in a series on Navratans.

These jewels are Daya (Kindness or Mercy), Deenta (Humility), Dheeraj (Patience or Fortitude), Kshama (Forgiveness), Santosh (Contentment), Satya (Truth), Sheel (Right Conduct or Chastity), Vichar (Contemplation) and Vivek (Wisdom).

Jahan daya tahan dharm hai, jahan lobh tahan paap
Jahan krodh tahan kaal hai, jaha kshama wahan aap

(Where there is kindness there is spirituality, where there is greed there is sin. Where there is anger, the negative power comes and where there is forgiveness, the Lord is present.)

Our mind is afflicted by five diseases of Greed, Attachment, Lust, Anger and Conceit. We cannot get rid of these unless we replace them with the divine attributes or the nine jewels. Patience and contentment annihiliates greed, contemplation, truth and wisdom annihiliate attachment, kindness and forgiveness destroy anger, chastity overpowers lust and humility overcomes conceit.

These nine attributes of the Absolute Intelligence (call him God or whatever you please) are linked to each other and one begets the other. For example, unless one has kindness in one’s heart, one cannot forgive another’s mistake. One who forgives others is forgiven for one’s own sins. One who maintains chastity in thought and conduct, begets patience and other virtues follow. And also follow peace and tranquility, which we destroy by being oriented downwards and outwards rather than inwards and upwards. Let me explain – the soul’s seat is in the third eye, but it gets dragged by the senses to place its attention in external matters thus flowing downwards from its natural position. Spirituality is nothing but reversing this condition and taking the soul inwards first to its natural position in the third eye and then upwards through the process of meditation.

The path of Surat Shabad Yog (literally, connecting the soul to the sound current or Naad) taught by Kabirdasji leads to inculcating these nine attributes in oneself. When we connect our soul to this internal sound current, the attributes of the Lord flow into us. This connection requires guidance and support by an adept in this path as we are not equipped to do it all on our own. This is the role of the Satguru, who is an embodiment of these virtues and teaches us through external Satsang, internal percept and own example.

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