Vivek – Wisdom

Kabirdas Ji has said, that one who wears the nine jewels and adopts them in one’s life, that soul becomes very loving to God. Kabirdas Ji says, that wisdom is having the right vision.

Bin Satsang, Vivek na hoi

 {Without Satsang wisdom does not come.}

 Without going to a Satsang and without being in the company of a Saint, we cannot attain wisdom. Wisdom is having the right vision. These external eyes we have, see this transient world – everything that we see will get destroyed one day. The internal eye we have, which is called the third eye or the divine eye, sees things which are eternal. Saints teach us to see from the third eye. Those who have opened this eye, break the iron door of darkness and traversing through the spiritual regions reach the abode of God. They attain wisdom and utilize their time in meditating on theNam.

Sadhu mere sab bade, apni apni thor

Shabad viveki parkhi, se mathe sar mor

 {All Sadhus are worthy of being respected, who have reached different regions. However, one who is connected to the Sound Current, to him I give my highest regards.}

 Those who are saints do not criticize anyone, they only appreciate others. Enlightened one’s say that if we want to climb up to the roof, we will need to climb the first step of the stair, then the next and so on, till we reach the top. None of the enlightened ones teach us bad things but they are at different stages of enlightenment. Like in the education system some student is in the fifth grade, another in the tenth or twelfth and someone may have done a PhD. Whatever, any enlightened person has taught us, was not wrong,  they  teach us only good things up to the region, which they had reached. But one who can connect us to the Sound Current, and can make us experience connection with the God, is like one with the crown, he is enlightened to the highest order. To such an enlightened one we bow down in reverence. We revere all enlightened ones, whatever stage they are in, we do not criticize anyone, because according to Kabirdas Ji, even if he has given the knowledge of the fifth grade, he had at least reached somewhere, then only he could teach us. We should respect him for that, we should not say bad things about anyone, everyone is good. But if we want to meet God, and we want to attain the knowledge of self, then we should meet someone who has reached the highest stage.

Jab lag nahin vivek man, tab lag na teer 

Bhavsagar nahin tare, satguru kahe Kabir

 {Till our mind does not get wisdom, we cannot attain salvation. We cannot cross this world, without a Satguru, so says Kabir.}

 Kabirdasji says that one cannot attain salvation until one gets the wisdom – wisdom means the right perspective, the correct knowledge. And until one meets a saint, one does not get the right vision. We think that the things of the world are ours. Maharajji used to say that if we make foundation of a building that leans towards one side,  the building that will be erected on it will also lean towards one side.  And so, we have built a tilted foundation based on wrong thinking.  We think of ourselves as a body and are attached to the relationships of this body. We  see someone as  spouse, someone as  child, someone as  brother and we think they are all ours. If there is an accident, in one minute someone can finish, then how does he remains ours? We cry and weep, but the person does not return back. Those who have come have to leave some day. Our families, where we stay together are relationships of give and take from past births. This is the right perspective and borne out of wisdom. Those of who have come here, have come to understand what the right vision is. This place is a kind of school to understand this.

There was a sadhu, whose disciple’s son passed away and he was crying and weeping a lot. Sadhu went to his house and said, son please do not cry, he consoled him. Once that sadhu was crying and wailing, The same disciple asked him why was he crying. The sadhu said, “My goat has died, that is why I am crying.” The disciple said, my son had died and you were consoling me, only your goat has died and you are crying. The sadhu said, you can have more sons, but someone may or may not give me a goat, how will I drink milk. The meaning is that the sadhu was not attained, he was bound by his need for food. Even if we leave our homes to go and live in a jungle, our stomach does not leave us.

Mang khay, tavo mool na lago paye

{One who begs to eat, never bow down on his feet.}

Never touch the feet of someone who begs to eat, they carry a lot of karmas from those who give them alms. The householder who gives food to someone is like:

Nau Nau Angul Daat, bhajan kare so ubare

Nahi to kade ant

 {Nine long teeth. If one meditates one can rise above the karma, else it eats away on one’s intestines.}

 The karma eats away on our intestines, so one should never eat someone’s giveaway. Stay at your home, while staying there, eating your own bread, pursue the spiritual path. Leaving one’s home does not make an ascetic. The meaning is that there are many ascetics but when faced with difficulties, they start crying. We need such an enlightened one who can give us true knowledge, give wisdom and open our third eye so that we realize why we have come into this world. We have got the human body to realize God.

Bade bhag manus tan paya

{The human form is attained by a great fortune.}

Why is it a great fortune – animals also have offspring, so do we, they make their nests, we make our homes, both they and us eat similarly. The difference is only that we have more of the sky element, the intelligence which can achieve wisdom and realize God. The human form is achieved after 8.4 million births in form of different species, if even after getting the human form, one does not realize the true purpose, the animals are better than such a person.

Tapar hoa udas, kami nar kute sada, chav ritu bara mas

{A dog in heat, stay so for thirty days. A lusty person is like a dog in all weathers and twelve months.}

A lusty person does not know the right time for anything, they don’t know when they should do something and when they shouldn’t. Even dogs are in heat only for thirty days, the man has no religion, whether it is day or night, so who is better, a human or an animal? We need to become human. We need to adopt humanity, Maharajji used to say that one who has become human, has become God. One who gets attributes of humanity, becomes human. Kabirdas Ji is trying to explain that till one does not get the right perspective and right vision, one cannot get wisdom. One cannot attain anything  spiritual. One side of the sea is this side (towards the world) and the other side is to cross over (towards God). You will not cross over if you do not have the right vision, some are attached to some person, someone is attached to properties, someone to a woman, a man, children. We are all caught in this quagmire and continue in the cycle of birth and death.

O my loved ones, if you have not practied meditation on the Sound Current and you have not attained wisdom you cannot cross over from this world. Kabirdas Ji says, my Satguru has explained to me that till our condition is not such, we cannot attain God.

Kar bandagi vivek ki, bhesh bhare sab koi

Ve Bandagi bhaye jaan de, jahan shabad vivek na hoi

 {Be devoted with wisdom. Everyone is engaged in superficial devotion. This devotion will give you the knowledge. Without the Sound Current one cannot be wise.}

 If you want to indulge in devotion, do so with wisdom. People of the world, who do not have the wisdom are constantly engaged in the world.

There was a man, who had goats and a tiger kept together, while normally a tiger would eat a goat, but under him, both used to be reared up together. The people around used to praise him a lot for keeping the tiger together with the goats. The man got very proud of this as people used give him a lot of regards for this. Once, when he had gone to the jungle with the goats and the tiger was not there, Guru Nanak reached there. He said, son please don’t sit here, my tiger will come in sometime and it will eat you. Guru Nanak replied, “may the Lord’s will be done”. He again cautioned him and got the same reply – “as the Lord’s will is”. To get the gravity of his point across, he said, under me both the goats and tiger live together – displaying his ego. The tiger came, Guru Nanak saw him with a lot of love and the tiger started looking at him. Then he came and licked his feet and put his head on his feet. The man started thinking that I though the tiger will eat him, but he is displaying affection for him. Guru Nanak said, brother, you have still not got the right vision, until you take out lust, anger, attachment, greed and ego, which are our biggest enemies, from within. This is how will we get the right vision.

Main naal rab di dushmani, main na rab nu bhaye

Koi aisa sabab kare, main meri mit jaye

 {I-ness is the enemy of God, I-ness is not welcome to God. The God should bless me so my I-ness should finish.}

 God does not like I-ness, as everything is His. By mistake we take them to be ours. When a child is in the womb, the mother does not know whether it is a girl or a boy, whether the child is fair or dark, because the One who gives birth is creating and we start saying it is ours, God does not like this. We should not take anything to be ours. Maharajji used to say that mothers should not remain mothers but should become caretakers or nannies to their children. If you become a mother you will have to cry. When you become their caretakers, you do not get attached. When we have the right vision, then only can we act like a caretaker, not before that. There is no sorrow in the world, whatever sorrow is there is because of our I ness. If we take out the I ness, there is no sorrows left – we should be  happy in His will. O God, bless us so that whatever pleases you, that should become our happiness. Till we do not achieve this state, we keep suffering from mountains of sorrow. One sorrow after another and a third on top. We should not worry about anything. The Lord says:

Teri chinta main man dhari,

Tu achint rahe dharo pyari

 {Your worries, I bear in my heart. So my beloved, you remain without worries.}

 O loved ones, I will bear all your worries, but when will I do that, when you will love Me and only Me. When your heart will not be owner of  anything in this world and will not run after anyone else. It is an irony, such a strange thing that those things that will not go with us, we think of them as our own. The One who will go with us till the end, is Almighty who can be ours, but we do not think about Him. We try to make others our own, those who can never become our own and they can not go with us. So the only one who goes with us after death is the Satguru and is the only one who is truly ours. In jungles, mountains, deserts, in any direction if we face any danger, Satguru comes and stands besides to help us, he is God himself.

Guru Parmeshwar, Eko Jaan

{Know the Guru to be the same as God.}

 We have not seen God, but we have seen the Guru. The Lord says that I appear in the body of those who are spiritually attained. God is the one who helps us, sitting inside Satguru, the God-Power operates inside them. Satguru does not take himself to be anything and always says that whatever is happening, God is the one doing it, because:

 Main naal rab di dushmani, main na rab nu bhaye

{ I-ness is the enemy of God, I-ness is not welcome to God.}

 Now they say:

Jab mein tha tab hari nahin

Ab hari hai mein nahi

 {When my I-ness was there, God was not there, now that God has appeared and my I-ness is not there.}

 When my I-ness was there, I had no idea of the Lord inside me, but when God appeared within me, my I ness went away. Now all my work is done by God, I do nothing.

O my loved ones, know the wisdom and understand the devotion. If we keep these things in the mind, there will never come a day in our lives, when we will be sad. We get sad only because of our ego. Maharajji used to say that even if someone says a million of bad things to you, not one but a million, still you should not react with even one bad thing. We have to adopt this that anyone may say anything but we should not react, we need to permeate this learning within ourselves.

Once a group opposing him, came to Vivekanandji and started swearing at him. They kept at it till the sun set and then when it started becoming dark, they prepared to themselves to leave. Vivekanandji told his disciples to get the lamp and show them the way as there was gravel on the path and someone could get injured. His disciples protested saying that people havd said so many blaspheme things to you. Vivekanandji said,”I have not taken any of those, so they must have remained with them. If one refuses to accept someones gift offered to you, that gift remains with them.  So is with the Insult.   Kabirdasji says:

Avat gali ek hain, ultat bhai anek 

Tum vako ulto nahi, to vahin ek ki ek

{One impious word said, in response a number of them go back. You should not respond. Then the one impious word does not multiply.}

So even if someone says a million things, you should be quiet.

                                          Ek chup sau sukh

{One silence, a hundred rejoices.}

By remaining silent once, one gains hundreds of benefits. Who will God be happy with? Which women (souls) will be married (become one with God)?  Those souls which will adopt His words, will be married and be happy. What is devotion – to bow before Him, to meditate on Him, to gain wisdom and adopt it in one’s life, this is true devotion. Not that we go to a temple, ring the bells, burn the light and come out and start fighting. We read Gita (a Hindu holy book), but at the time of heated argument, we get angry, when in  situation full of love, we get attached, and when there is a temptation we do get greedy. Then what is the benefit of reading Gita. These five enemies remain within us. Thus, there should be such a wisdom, which gets ingrained in us and should not get lost at the time of action. So one should do devotion with wisdom.

Kar  bandagi vivek ki, bhag kare sab koi

 Be devoted with wisdom, everyone is engaged in superficial devotion.}

It is very easy to become a sadhu by wearing saffron robes. A number of people change their appearance and move around as sadhus (especially inIndia). There was a book in which there were forty stories of sadhus. But all the forty sadhus had become unhappy at their homes, fought and left them to become sadhus. Enlightened ones say that we do not want to become such sadhus. By coloring our clothes, we do not become sadhus, we need to color our minds, such people are able to reach the Almighty.

Once we went to the kumbh festival, there were more than a hundred thousand sadhus there. Someone was having marijuana, some were having hashish. They were smoking sitting below the trees. If someone asks them how to reach God, they will express there inability and say even they do not know how to. Some of such sadhus  eat their food in ashrams and beg to get money for cigarettes, bidis, marijuana etc. In order to fetch money, sometimes they say they need to visit such and such temple, sometimes some pilgrimage etc. The enlightened ones say that even if we tour the entire world, we will not get the God, one who wants to find Him, will find Him within himself. He is sitting within us. Kabirdas Ji has said:

Kasturi kundali base, mrig dhoondhe ban mahi 

Aise tujhme base, duniya jane nahi

{The fragrance is within the naval, the deer runs around to find it in the forest. In the same way God is within you, the world know not this.}

Like a deer runs around in the forest to find the source of fragrance, which is in fact in his naval. Similarly, we human’s search for outside for God who is actually dwelling within us. People sometimes do pilgrimage to Badrinath, sometimes to Amarnath and they think by going there they might find Him. Go to all the pilgrimages, you are not going to find Him. Only saints can open the right vision and discard such practices of  devotion of the world. Some people had kept Krishna’s idol, but after they tookNam(got initiation) and started meditating, they left their idols in the temples, because their right vision had opened. Now why should they pray to idols made out of mud. Bullehshah has said:

Vas kitaba nu, asi thak hare

{Enough of the books, I am tired of these and give up.}

This idol worship is like playing with the dolls. Maharajji used to say, that in childhood, girls play with dolls, but when they grow up and actually get married then they stop playing with dolls. In the same way when our soul gets God, why it would play with these idols made of mud. We need to meditate and acquire the true wealth and see Him within ourselves.

Kahe kabir pukar ke, koi sant viveki hoi, 

Jahe shabad vivek hai, shatra dhani hai soch

{Kabir says giving a call, someone who is a saint will be wise. One who has the wisdom of the sound current, is the real wealthy.}

Kabirdas Ji is saying again and again that wisdom is there only with the saints. Saints come to make us into saints. If you go to a doctor, he can teach us medical science, if we go to a tailor, he will teach us tailoring. Whatever company we keep, we will get colored in the same color. So when we go to saints, they try to make us saints.

Sant aur paras me, bado antro jaan,

Ve loha kanchan kare, ve kar le aap saman

{Consider a big difference between a saint and an alchemist’s stone. One makes iron into gold, the other makes everyone like oneself.}

The alchemists stone, if we rub it on iron, turns it into gold but does not turn it into an  alchemists stone. But saints make us into saints. Those who surrender themselves to them and start following their words.

Bis bisve guru ki kahi mane

To parmeshwar ki gati jane

{One who follows the Guru, twenty out of twenty times. Only he will know the Lord.}

We should start, following each and everything said by the Guru, then one can see, it does not take much time to meet the Lord.

Ja mein shabad vivek hai

{One who has wisdom of the sound current.}

One attains the wisdom from the sound current. Now where does this wisdom come from – it comes when we meditate. Repetition ofNam, the charged words, seeing in meditation and listening in meditation are the three spiritual practices. Repetition ofNamtakes out the world from within us. Everyone is thinking something or the other, repetition takes out all those thoughts gradually and God takes place instead. Seeing continuously in meditation. Closing one’s eyes and to see continuously ahead through darkness, one sees the images of the saints and many other sights. Even if the repetition stops at that time, it is fine. Listening in meditation, the internal sounds pull us upwards. All these three techniques lead to wisdom. When the soul takes flight in spiritual regions, it realizes that it is a soul, it is then that a person cannot behave badly with anyone, as he sees his own image in everyone. There remains neither anger, manipulation nor enmity  Till one takes oneself to be the body, all disputes and fights are there, once one sees one’s soul rising above the body, all disputes get over.

We have to earn this wealth. Maharajji used to say that in our school, the soul is given food, there is no role for the intellect. Self knowledge stays within us forever. Those who get the wisdom of the sound current, they become the wealthiest of all, no one is wealthy as they are.

Satnam sab koi kahe, kahiya nahi vivek

 Ek anek phir mile, ek samana, anek ek

{Satnam everyone says, by saying one does not get wisdom. One to multiple meets again one gets one.}

The world is worshipping God by different names, but the wisdom does not arise because of that, until our experience does not open up. Maharajji used to say, that people have given countless names to the Lord. Whether they were in the earlier times or in the current times or will be in times to come.

Balihari jaon jete, tere naam

{I bow to all the names given to You.}

Whatever are the names given to You, I bow unto all of them. The devotees, Rishis and others have kept various names of  God, but truth is only God, that is the one who is being named. We have to know only Him and get Him.

Those who divide their love and attention on many, when their end comes, attention of some is drawn towards something and someone else’s towards something else. Then they keep on moving in the cycle of birth and death. One who’s attention is only on God, merges in Him.

Samjah samjah ek hai, ansamja sab ek

Samja soi janaye, jake harday vivek

{Those who have understood are one, those who have not are many. Only that one has understood, who has wisdom in his heart.}

Those who are experienced and wise and have attained God, speak the same things. They do not speak of different paths to reach God. Maharajji says that it is not that saints have been there only in Hindus, every religion has had saints and their sayings are the same, that God resides within us, whether you are a Muslim, Buddhist or Sikh, all have taught the knowledge of the soul. But people have got caught up in the outer behavior because going within is difficult. Those who are unwise, remain caught up here. They sometimes go up and sometimes go down. As a result of good action or deeds , one goes to heaven and when the fruits of the good deeds are received, one comes down. If we do penances, we become a king in the next birth:

Taporajo rajo narak

{ Through penance became a king, from a king to hell.}

 Becoming a king, we started indulging and became cruel to others, which which again leads one to hell. What brought us up, the result of it brought us down. In the cycle of birth and death, we keep going up and down in. One should understand that one who has wisdom in his heart, whose heart is filled with Lord’s remembrance  at all times, Has the Wisdom in his heart.

Ek Pal Jo Bisre Swami, Mai Janu Barsa Pachasa

{If I forget God for a moment, it feels like fifty years have passed.}

Samje ka ghar aur hai, ansamje ka aur

Ja ghar mein sahib base, birla jane thor

{One who is wise has a different home, one who is unwise has a different one. The house in which God resides, only a few know that place.}

Where is the home of those who have understood this and attained wisdom? Such people will go to Satlok. Their home is in the fourth world. Everyone talks about God name –Namis not there in the three worlds (material, astral and causal), theNamis there in the fourth world (in Satlok). One who has not understood this will remain in the three worlds. Those in whose hearts God resides, are very few. There are a few of such wise ones in this world and one should not think that you cannot become like them. There was a king, all the people in whose kingdom became wise, So, Cannot we  also become so?

There was a king named Ritudhwaj, his queen was Mandalsa. Mandalsa gave spiritual knowledge to her first three sons and showed them the way to the spiritual realms and the path of devotion. When they were having their fourth child, the king asked Mandalsa to prepare the child to be able to manage the kingdom. Mandalsa agreed to the king’s request. When the fourth child was born, she taught him the ways of managing a kingdom but also gave her Satsang and the path of devotion, so that the kingdom should not become the reason for his getting attached to this world. His name was Gopichand and when he was being crowned, his mother had tears in her eyes. He asked, his mother the reason why she was crying. She said, “Son, your father also sat on this throne, but what did he take with himself. I want that you should earn that wealth which will go with you.” He immediately left the kingdom. It is so difficult to create devotion in someone, but his mother did such a great deed.

Uche bhag jinhe de honde, vo chal satsang aande

{Those who have very good fortune, come to Satsang.}

Such a mother is mentioned here, who was showing the path of devotion to her sons, but the mothers now a days do not want that their children should be devotees. Even if the child starts on this path, they marry them off quickly, so that he does not become a devotee. He should only earn and eat, because we are in Kalyug. Those who have very good fortune, go to Satsang, otherwise the world only wants to cast you in its net.

Now, queen Mandalsa along with the matters of the kingdom, taught her son to tread the path of a devotee, so that even while managing the kingdom he could keep his attention in the remembrance and meditation of God. She told her to work for the kingdom, but keep remembrance of God always in his heart.

Haath tere kar val, to dil tera yaar val

{Hands are busy in work, your heart is with the Lord.}

With meditation, lust, anger etc. enemies can be won over. If you be in remembrance of God and meditate, lust and anger will not arise within you and you will be victorious. The Maya can be cured through knowledge. Maya or illusion is referred to as lack of knowledge. Saints do not term Maya as money, it is lack of knowledge.

Shri Krishna used to tell Arjun that Maya traps the human beings and it is the cause of all bondages and fetters. Arjun asked him, “You keep on referring again and again to Maya, I have still not understood what it is?”  Shri Krishna thought that he should make him experience it. He went to Arjun and said that he was hungry. Arjun went and told this to Draupadi (his wife), who said, it is very hot, ask Shri Krishna to take a bath, I will arrange for the food in the meanwhile. Both Arjun and Shri Krishna went to bathe. Shri Krishna asked Arjun that both of them will hold their breaths and take a dip and see who can stay in longer. Before Arjun took the dip, Shri Krishna gave him his attention and as Arjun took the dip, his attention was concentrated. He saw that he was going somewhere and there was announcement being made that the king had died and that they were searching for a person not from their state, to head the crown . As per their tradition, they did not crown a person from their own state. They met Arjun and told him, that we are from the city of gold and our king has died, we want you to sit on his throne. Arjun was very happy that the entire city is of gold, I will become very rich. The earlier king’s pyre was burnt and the queen was also very beautiful and the entire city was made of gold. They had two children as well, but after some time the queen became unwell and died. When she was taken to the pyre, they said that we have a tradition that when the queen dies, the king is also burnt along with her. Arjun replied that we also have a tradition that before being burnt, we remember God, let me do that first. He started meditating and calling out Shri Krishna, my queen has died, they will now burn me and was shouting, when his concentration broke. Shri Krishna asked, which queen has died, Draupadi is making food for us. No Lord, my queen has died, I am king of the city of gold. He said, which city of gold, which king, we just came to take a bath – he brought him to his senses and said, look Arjun have you seen it now, this is Maya. Whatever we think of ourselves in our minds, we think of that as the truth. But this is all untrue, everything is going to be destroyed, like the way the city of gold and the queen died, everything here is also going to be finished.

Jaisa sang vaisa rang

{As the company, so will be the color.}

Whatever company we remain in, we will get imbued in that color. We should always keep away from bad company.

The king Gopichand’s thoughts became such that he ruled on his kingdom without any attachment and became famous as the detached king. His attention was always in God and bodily he used to do run the  kingdom.

Yatha raja, tatha praja

 {As the king is so are the subjects.}

 The way the king is, the subjects can also become the same way. Gopichand used to have Satsang at his place and according to his inclinations, his subjects also started following his path. He used to do all his duties, but without any attachment, remembering God at all times. He taught his subjects to work but have the remembrance of God in their hearts, the attention should always be on the feet of the Lord.

Once his son, the prince entered a forest while traveling. He met a sage, who asked who he was. The prince replied that I am son of the detached king. The sage said, a king and being detached was not possible. The prince said, “No, I am really the son of a detached king.” The sage said, “How do I believe you.” The prince asked, “How do I prove it you?”  The sage had a thought and told him not to move from there till he came back. He went to the kingdom of the detatched king. When he reached the palace, a maid was sitting there, he addressed her saying that the prince who had gone to the forest has been eaten by a lion and I had to come here to give this news. The maid replied, as per the destiny, the meeting happens for a limited period of time.

He went ahead and met the wife of the prince and told her that her husband, who was like god to her, has been killed by a lion. Hearing the sage, the wife replied, our relation from earlier births was destined only for this much time. The world does not know about this, but God knows. When we were destined to be together, he brought us together and when separation came, we have got separated. The sage went ahead to the prince’s mother and said, o queen, your son has been eaten by the Lion and I did not even have my food and rushed to give you this news. The mother replied that as on a branch of a tree a lot of birds come to rest for the night and when morning comes, opening their beaks, they fly away. So when a bird flies away, do the other birds start crying? Similarly, one bird amongst us has flown away so it does not matter. She further said, in this world human beings meet and separate through destiny.

Now the sage went to the king and started thinking that all his subjects are truly detached. He reached him and said, o king, remember the name of God in every breath, your son has been killed by a lion and his body is lying in the forest. The king said, o sage, why did you leave your contemplation and come here, you should have continued your contemplation. For us, this is not a matter of grief even for a moment. This entire world is a guesthouse, someone is coming and someone else is going. Many have gone from here before this, the entire world is a traveler, no one is here to stay permanently. Why have you left your contemplation. Hearing this the sage said, the king and his subjects are in the same mould and have immense grace of the Lord. Wisdom has arisen within them, the light has made everything illuminated. The king said, “This is the result of Satsang, because I used to go to Satsang, as a result I became detached and with the influence of that Satsang all my subjects have also become detached.”

“O King’ You are great, your country is also great and great is your Satguru, listening to whose sayings, you have all become detached and wisdom has arisen in you.” The sage went back to the forest and thought, I might test the prince as well. “O Prince’ I narrate to you a sad thing, when you were here, there was a war and everyone, including the king died. The prince said that one day one has to get separated from one’s family, I had come out of the house earlier itself, so I don’t have any grief of their leaving.”

These are all things taught in Satsang, these are matters of the self- realization. We have to get this wealth. We should become wise enough that we see that whatever God is doing is right. We are happy in any state that He keeps us in. We want Him to be our servant and do our biding. We want Him to do what we want and not what He wants. But those who are wise know that whatever will happen will happen according to His will, nothing can happen according to our wishes. We should stand before Him with folded hands that he should give us strength that we should be happy in His will and should thank Him in whatever state he keeps us.

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