Satya – Truth

 Today you will be given the jewel of truth. Maharajji used to say:

Mann diya kahin aur hi, sant sadhu ke sang

Kahen Kabir ko bhi gari, kaise laage rang

 Our mind is focused somewhere else, while we are in company of a Sadhu or a saint, Kabir says, then how will we be colored in their color.}

Even if we are sitting with someone, but our attention is somewhere else and even if that person speaks loudly, it will not go inside you. This is my practical experience. When Maharajji used to do Satsang, even if there was a diversion for one second, I could not follow what he had said in the meantime. If you listen to these words attentively they will prove to be beneficial to you. Kripal Singh Maharajji used to say that truth is above all. It is the highest. Truth is anyways there, but above truth is a truthful and pure living. As we are living in this world, we should first take that truth, which is based on truthful and pure living. What is the meaning of truthful and pure living? I have spoken about this a number of times, but as today’s subject is truth, let me tell you a tale.

There was a daughter of a milkman. When she used to go to deliver the milk, her father had restricted her from going in one particular direction, saying that destroyers of homes stay there. Go in any of the other three directions to sell the milk. She used to be left with some extra milk everyday as some people used to take the milk themselves. Her father had also instructed her to put some water in the vessel after cleaning it. She used to do that everyday.

One day she saw a number of people coming from the direction where the house destroyers stayed. Everyone had Prasad (food distributed after a spiritual service) in their hands and were talking about nice things. She thought that her father had said that people living there are destroyers of homes, but these are very nice people, let me go and see. It was getting late in the day, but the girl went there to see. When she reached there, a saint was saying that truthful and pure living is higher than even truth, saying this he ended his Satsang. The girl was disappointed but kept sitting there. Everyone else got up and went away but the girl kept sitting, seeing this, the saint asked, why did you not go. The girl asked, I need to understand something from you, you said that truthful living is above truth itself. I could not understand this, tell me what is truthful living? Maharajji used to say that God speaks sitting on the tongue of saints. Who speaks, it is the Lord who speaks, he does not know that she is the daughter of a milkman, he has no background. The saint replied, for example if there is a milkman and he mixes water with the milk , this is not truthful living. The truthful living is that he distributes milk just the way he takes it out.

She thought to herself that my living is very bad, I put water in the vessel everyday, I will not put any water in the vessel from today. Hearing this, she took the Prasad and came back home. She cleaned the milk vessel and placed the open side downwards for it to dry. When the father asked for the vessel in the morning, she gave him an empty vessel. The father made signs again and again for her to put some water, but she kept on ignoring him. She gave all the vessels empty to him. He got very angry. When everyone went away, he said to her, I have married off two of your sisters in good families. If you do not pay heed to what I say, I will marry you off to someone with a handicap or with disease. He hit her and scolded her.

In earlier times, kings used to move around in their kingdoms at night in disguise. When he heard a commotion, he hid himself and started listening to what was going on. He heard the girl telling her father, however much you beat me, however much you swear at me, even if you marry me off to a handicap, I am agreeable to all this, but I will not put water in the vessel. And if you put the water in the vessel, I will tell everyone that you are mixing water in the milk. The king heard all this and it made a deep impression on him. He thought, what a good girl she is. He sent his chariot in the morning and called for the girl and her father to appear before him. The king said that he wanted to marry the girl. They got married. The father thought that I wanted to marry her to a handicap, but she has got married to a king. She has learnt something from the direction of the home breakers, let me also go there. The girl adopted in her life one saying of the saints and as a consequence became a queen. If we adopt what is said in the Satsang, the Lord will take us to Sachkhand and make us his queen. It is a subject to contemplate on. If something like this happens is no big thing.

The king said to the queen, I am very happy with your character, ask me for anything you wish. The queen said, that by marrying me and making me your queen, you have given me everything, what else can I ask for. But the king was adamant that she should ask for something. Then the queen said, if you really want to give me something, make a small abode here for the saint, whose one sentence changed my life. He should come here and stay and I can listen to his discourse everyday. The king agreed and they went to the saint and invited him to stay with them, do Satsang and help alleviate the people. The saint accepted their invitation. By doing Satsang everyday, he liberated the king as well. The queen’s father also went there. So one verse from a saint itself, liberated them. Have you understood? In this way Maharajji used to explain to us, what we need to do – we need to connect with the truth.

We think a lot about this subject, but we do not do anything. Maharajji used to say that when our living becomes true, people will see us and come here that where has this person learnt it from, we should also go there. So people will come seeing your conduct. If they see you living a truthful life, they will come. You should vow to live a truthful life. We make vows today and break them tomorrow. It is said that vows have immense strength if we fulfill them. But we never fulfill them.

Once a king asked a saint to do a Satsang. When the Satsang got over, he said, that I really liked the Satsang and want to gift you diamonds and pearls. The saint refused, but the king insisted saying that when I say something I always do it and do not go back on my words. The king put the gifts in a bag and gave it to the saint. On his way back he encountered three robbers, who robbed him of the valuables. The first robber said, let us kill him, if he identifies us, we can be killed. The second robber said no we should not kill him. The third robber came with a solution to cut both his hands and throw him in the well – if he does not have hands, he will drown in the well. They threw him in the well – not even a hair of someone can be damaged without His will, even if the whole world becomes an enemy.

Even if the whole world becomes an enemy, no one can harm anyone if the Lord protects him. The king was passing by on a hunt and felt thirsty and spotted a man in the well. He threw a rope down and asked the man to grab it, but the man replied that he had no hands. The king asked his men to get down in the well and take him out. They tied him with the rope and brought him up. He took him to his palace. We are not afraid of even doing harm to a saint. The saint started giving discourses in the palace. A number of people started coming there. The three robbers also came there. When the saint saw the three robbers, he told the king, these people need money, please give them a lot of money. The king agreed. The saint also asked him to send his people with them so that no one robs them on the way. When the robbers were going back, the king’s men accompanying them asked them, amongst so many people, why did the saint choose you for this. The robbers said, this man used to stay in court of a king, where he robbed the king, who got his hands cut and threw him in a well. As we know this, fearing that we will tell, he has got us so much money. As they said this, the earth split apart and they fell from their horses and then the earth became as it was before. They were buried and died.

When the men came back, the saint was sitting with the king, they narrated what the robbers had told them. As they said it, the saints arms started growing back. Everyone was amazed to see this miracle. The Lord always protects his loved ones and helps them at all times. He shows His kindness as he the Merciful. We do not know how much strength is there in truth. Truth can make everything for us. Only if we start connecting with truth. We should not be violent with anyone. The robbers were violent with him, they cut his hands off and threw him in the well. We need to be non-violent with everyone. “Non-violence is the greatest religion”. We should not hurt anyone. Some people have a habit of eating meat, they say that they cannot leave eating meat. They are violent people, they do not have mercy on the living creatures. One man tookNam from Maharajji but told him that he felt like having meat again. Maharajji said, okay, you can have meat, but whichever animal you want to eat, bring him alive to your home and cut him yourself and then eat it. He said fine and was very happy. He brought a goat home. When he tried to kill it, his hands started shaking and the knife fell down. He tried a lot, but he could not kill the goat. The goat also sensed that he was being killed and started bleating. Then he said, I will not have meat.

It is only a small portion of the tongue, where taste resides. If our stomach is full, we do not eat even if there are tasty dishes in front of us. Why do we need to stuff our stomachs. We have got the human form to attain the Lord. The human form is achieved with a lot of fortune. How can we make it successful? Saying truth is essential – we should speak the truth. Yudhishter was taught a lesson in the school on truth and he did not come back to school for a few days. When his teacher asked him, why he was not attending the school, he said, I am not able to remember the lesson properly. Other children had remembered the lesson, why could he not do it? When he came back to the school, he said, I was trying to speak only truth but was unable to do so. First day I spoke lies, second day also I spoke lies, third day also I could not prevent myself from lying. For last two days, I have not spoken any lies and now I hope that I will be able to leave lying for my whole life. I have taken this vow. As I said before, vows have a great strength, but we do not make the vows. Some people say hundreds of lies in a day and still think of themselves as very intelligent. We should not make mistakes. Human beings cannot help but make mistakes. Someone who makes a mistake and admits it, is a brave person. And one who admits the mistake and does not repeat it is a great man. We have to prevent mistakes in thought, words and deeds. We should not have bad thoughts about anyone in our minds. We should also not say any harsh words to anyone. We should also not do any deeds which are bad for someone. This subject needs to be understood. Let us say, you hit a child – you have been violent towards him through your deeds. We swore at someone, this is violence through words. Now how does one does violence through thoughts. Whatever thoughts we have for someone, the person also starts having similar thoughts about us. By having violent thoughts, the violence doubles.

Once Birbal said this to king Akbar, to which Akbar did not agree. So Birbal said, let me show it to you and took him for a ride on the horse. There was a man coming from the front. He stopped the man and asked him, tell us what were you thinking about the king and be totally unafraid to say the truth, nothing will happen to you. He said, my thought was that I should punch his bald head and break it. Now he asked king Akbar, he said, I thought that looking at his dark face, I had a thought that I should behead him. Birbal said, now you see, if we get a bad thought about someone, the other person also gets a bad thought about us, otherwise they will not have bad thoughts about us. If someone thinks bad about someone, he creates his own Karma. We have got this body as a result of our Karmas, someone in a king’s place and someone in a beggar’s place.

Once a group opposing him, came to Vivekanandji and started swearing at him. They kept at it till the sun went down and then when it started becoming dark, they prepared to leave. Vivekanandji told his disciples to get the lamp and show them the way as there is gravel on the way and someone could get injured. His disciples protested saying these people have said so many bad things to you. Vivekanandji said that I have not taken any of those, so they must have remained with them. If someone does not receive something being given then it goes back to the person giving it.

Once there was a dispute between a trader and a man he had taken money from. The man came to the court of Akbar to complaint that the trader owed him a thousand rupees. The king sent his men to fetch the trader and asked him if he had taken thousand rupees from the man, why don’t you give them back. He denied taking any money and said, that if the man needs some money, he can borrow it from me. He is a liar and is trying to be smart. Akbar started thinking who was right and who was lying. Birbal told him that I can find out if you give me a month, which Akbar granted to him.

Birbal prepared two cans of ghee and put twelve gold bars at the bottom of each. He sent his men to the trader with one of the cans and told him to return back the can as he needed it for putting some stuff. He gave the other can to the other man. When the men went to take back the can, the man returned it along with the twelve gold bars, saying he found them inside. But when they went to the trader, he returned the can but not the gold bars. Birbal went back to Akbar and said, now I know who is right and who is lying, the trader has taken money from this man. The great men try to explain that we should not cheat anyone.

One day, I was going on an autorickshaw and saw some mangoes being sold. I got down from the auto and thought that the mangoes were looking delicious, there was a silver foil on top of them. When I pressed the mango on the foil, I realized it was overripe. The seller said, you can keep this one down and take another one. When I selected the mangoes and gave him to weigh them, he skillfully replaced a smaller mango with that same bad one. When I came home, I saw that the bad mango was amongst the ones he had given me. So those who want to cheat will do so, they do not know that they are forming their Karmas.

Maharajji used to explain that by lying we keep untruthfulness ahead and keep a mask in front. We hide the truth and place a mask of untruthfulness in front. We are not truthful, those who are truthful speak the truth. When such people follow the path of higher learning, others get attracted towards that as well. I am happy that you are listening to these words, even if you catch one sentence said by a saint, it will emancipate you. Only if we adopt it, then only we will see the results. We need to set an example in front of other people.

When I was fifteen or sixteen years old, my mother took my horoscope to show to someone. The person who saw the horoscope was a young person and used to stay close by. The horoscope had everything but did not say at what time was I born. He said, if the time was written I could have told you a lot more, but I can say this much that if this girl survives beyond the age of twenty nine, she will become and extraordinary person. My mother came back and told me, but I could not understand then as to how I will become extraordinary. Sitting at the feet of Maharajji, I have now understood a little bit, how I will become extraordinary. Those of you who adopt these sayings in your hearts will also become extraordinary. We need to remember the words we hear. What words did we hear and how we need to make our lives. Maharajji used to say, whatever we are listening to and are seeing, we need to do exactly that. What should we speak at all times – we should speak the truth.

There was man named Yusuf, who was very intelligent, attractive and wise. There was a queen named Lekha, who was the ruler of that kingdom. When she saw him, she was floored. She called for him to her palace and expressed her desire for him. Yusuf started thinking, how he could escape the situation, without angering the queen. He said, while there is no one except you and me in this room, but these pictures of gods see us. The queen got all the pictures covered with a cloth. Then Yusuf said, these pictures do not see you and you don’t see them, but the God sitting inside me is watching everything, nothing is hidden from Him. Whatever we think and whatever we do, he sees that as well. So how can we do something like this? When the queen heard this, she was convinced that she would not have her way with Yusuf and let him go. Great ones say that we may do something, hidden from anyone, but the Lord know it, so they say, children, the Lord is within you and seeing everything you do, nothing is hidden from Him.

The Lord likes meekness and it should be so much that he becomes our friend (He is friend of the meek). Those who are going to divine regions and drinking the nectar, what will they know about the blind world. Those who have not attained the Lord, we call them blind.

King Vishwamitra took his entire army to hunt. He went much ahead, outside the limits of his kingdom and reached the ashram of Vashisht ji. When Vashisht Ji heard that king Vishwamitra has come, he sent someone with an invitation. Vishwamitra was highly influenced by the fame of Vashisht Ji and accepted the invitation. He went with his entire army and Vashisht Ji arranged for kingly feast for everyone. Vishwamitra was very surprised, that he is living in a jungle, how did he get such nice food items. When he started leaving he asked Vashisht Ji, how he had managed to get such delicious items. Vashisht Ji said, as a fruit for my devotion, the Lord has sent Kamdhenu cow (a cow which gives everything asked for). Vishwamitra said, please take whatever you want from me but give me the cow. He refused saying a Brahmin never sells his cow. Vishwamitra got very angry at this and asked his army to take the cow forcibly. Kamdhenu was no ordinary cow, it produced an army ten times that of Vishwamitra’s, which defeated his army in no time. Vishwamitra then took all his weapons to fight. Vashisht Ji sat down with his wooden staff and all weapons struck the staff and could not harm him. Then he thought that he will devote himself more than Vashisht Ji and then only he could win. He started doing penances for hundreds of years. He thought he must have become powerful enough and took all his weapons to kill Vashisht Ji. He thought, I cannot kill him in the day, so let me wait for night to fall, then I will kill him, he hid close to his hut. It was a full moon on that day and the moonlight was falling everywhere. He heard Vashisht Ji telling his wife that the light from Vishwamitra’s devotion is illuminating the whole world. Hearing this Vishwamitra thought that I have come to kill him and he is praising me, he started hating himself that he had troubled him so much and even killed his hundred sons. How cruel I have been to him and he has said nothing to me. Saints have said that forgiveness is their jewel. He threw all his weapons and fell on the feet of Vashisht Ji and started crying that I have been so cruel to him and he is praising me. Vashishtji took him in his arms and said, now you have become Brahm Rishi. What was preventing him from becoming Brahm Rishi, his jealousy and duality.

Kripal Singh Maharajji says that Truth is the Lord’s name. Guru Nanak has said, consider only the Lord to be Truth. His father gave him some money and asked him to do some business. He went out and saw some saints were hungry and got them food. He went back and told his father that I have fed enlightened people. He gave him a slap, asking is this a trade. He replied saying, this is the right trade. Ramdas Ji said, that saying truth is the first means of self realization. Whatever we do whether working in the world or in a religious place. One of you told me your experience in meditation today. She said, that she saw herself sitting in the ashram along with everyone and I was doing Satsang. All women have polythene bags with colors in them, they come one by one and put a tilak on your forehead. The ashram started flying and stopped at a place where there was no food available. Everyone started saying that we are hungry. Then silver plates came down for everyone with delicious dishes. But nothing came down for you, so everyone asked you that there is nothing which has come for you, we will not eat anything. They said this and started crying. Maharajji came and said, we are there to take care of Biji and took your hand and flew away. Then everyone became happy and ate their food. Those who get connected with truth, start witnessing various sights and His play. The truth is above all. One who catches the truth, need not catch anything else.

Once Maharajji had asked people to come for fifteen days to Dehradun to contribute in making of the ashram there. I asked my husband permission to go there. He said, I could go but then I should not come back. I said okay – why did I say so? Because I had taken only His support and no one else’s. I am not attached to anyone. I thought that I could devote more time to meditation and will not have to do as much work. We should not seek support from anyone and be self sufficient. Such people speak the truth and they support the truth. Truth resides in their intellect and they start understanding everything correctly.

Guru sahib was a saint and wrote the Gurbani, which says that truth is the true Lord. The sound current,Namthis is true. Gurugranth was written five hundred years back, the internal sound is reverberating for ever. Today when we close our eyes, a sound comes from within, which is coming from the Lord’s abode. When we came to this world, what made us, sound and light. And that sound and light will take us back up. When we meditate, we experience light and sound within us. It has come from our home and will take us back there. One who does not haveNam, even if the person has a body like gold, what use is it? Those who have not assumed a Guru have only darkness inside. Those whose soul has not connected to the sound current, cannot understand anything. Those who get initiated by a Guru, start seeing light within.

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