Deenta – Humility

Kabirdasji has given sermon on nine jewels, and why has he given these jewels, to adorn a person. I have given you seven jewels already, the eighth jewel is that of humility. Humility is an attribute, which the Lord likes a lot, that is why he is also addressed as “Deendayal” (emancipator of the humble, protector of the humble and friend to the humble). These names have been given to Him as He gives very promptly to the humble. Those who go to his doorsteps in humility, he is very prompt in giving to them. Great men say, the Lord says that whoever comes to me, should get me a gift, a gift of something which I do not possess. He is the Lord of everything, he has everything, what is it that He does not have, that one thing is humility. Humility is a quality present in those who are dependent on someone else and living off someone else. Enlightened ones have said that one who assumes humility, is unaffected by the illusion and Kaal. That is why the saints have selected this attribute and adopted it to adorn their lives. Humility is such a great quality, which is available without any payment. One doesn’t need to spend anything to get it, it is available without spending a rupee. And we can get anything we want from it, we can purchase anything we like with the currency of humility.

When this ashram was to be made, I used to think o’ Lord, how will this ashram be made, today it is standing in front of you. Because of what, because of the Satguru, he taught us humility, it is his grace, we had no ability to make the ashram. Enlightened ones say that we should adopt the trait of humility and whatever you read, inculcate it in your soul, contemplate on it and adopt them, not that you hear them and brush them aside. A lot of people get egoistic and leave humility. Guru Nanak says: 

Nanak te nar asal khar, jo bin garab karan 

{Nanak those men are real donkeys, who have pride in themselves without having any qualities.}

 Those who take pride in their good attributes, though they have none, they are like donkeys, even though they are born humans. Like someone is born in a high family, that is the doing of his ancestors, but they feel they are superior because of their birth. Those who are deemed superior because of their births, but if their lives are filled with misdeeds, what is there to be proud of. Some people say that they are born in the same lineage as Valmiki but their lives are not pure, then what is there to be proud of. Valmikiji spent his time meditating, as a consequence, he wrote the Ramayan, so he is respected for the same.

There are broadly seven kind of conceits, which we should not indulge in. 

Jei parshad tera sundar roop, so prabhu simro sada anoop

{If you have got a beautiful form, remember the beautiful form of the Lord.}

 If someone is proud of one’s beauty, one should not. One should remember the Lord, who has given the beauty to you. One cannot assume a beautiful form oneself, this is the gift from the Almighty. Many beautiful people have children who are ugly and many ugly parents have beautiful children. No one knows the will of the Lord, so we should never be conceited about our beauty, the One who has given it to us, we should be thankful to Him. Then it is said:


Jei parshad teri niki jaat, so prabhu simro din aur raat


{If you have been blessed with a high caste of birth, remember the Lord day and night.}


If you are born in a high caste or family, the one Lord has done it. When the child is born, the Lord sends him. When a child is born in a Satsangi family, the Lord sends a Satsangi soul and also shows it, that your father has come back or your mother-in-law has come back. Those who have their minds seeped in this world, come back to this world. Those who have their faces towards the Lord, return back to His abode and those who think about the world, even if they are initiated and meditate, will need to return back to the world. 


Jei parshad arog kanchan dehi, liv lao tis Ram snehi

{If you have been blessed with a healthy body, place your attention in the Lord.}


One who has given you this healthy body, the Lord who has given it to you, place your attention with that Ram, the one who is present in every particle, who is omnipresent, is in every creature, is all knowing. Love the lord, who has given you this healthy and beautiful body. 


Jutha Maan kaha kare, jag sapne tu jaan


In mein kachhu tero nahi, Nanak kahayo bakhaan

{Why do you get into false pride, world is like a dream. Nothing is yours in this, says Nanak.}


Guru Nanakji says that consider this world as a guesthouse, like a number of people stay in a guesthouse and then leave to make place for others, in the same way we are living in this world and will leave it for other to take our place. 


Dhan jeevan aur phuhada, na thhede din chaar


 {Wealth and life and a silly person do not stay for long.}


 Some people are proud of their wealth, that I am very wealthy. In Saharanpur there was a queen’s palace. The king died and the queen sold the palace to a wealthy man. A sweeper used to work in his house, who was marrying off his daughter. He asked the rich man for some money, which he said he will give on interest. The sweeper took the money as he had no other options. Two months passed and he could not pay the interest. The rich man asked him for the interest but the poor man could not give it, so he got very angry and brought all his pigs into the palace. Even till today, that palace is known as the palace of the one eyed sweeper. 


Bada hua to kya hua, jaise pedh khajur,


Panthi ko chhaya nahin, phal lage ati door

{What if you are big? Like the date tree is big, but a traveler does not get shelter under it and its fruits are too far for anyone to eat.}


If someone grows very big but does not benefit anyone than he is like the date tree, which grows in the desert, it does not give shelter to anyone and no one can reach its fruits. Some people are arrogant about their youth, the youth gives way to old age or is destroyed by diseases. Some people are conceited about their skills, that I have this skill or I am very knowledgeable.


Some people are arrogant about their properties. When we came toSaharanpur, we stayed in a house owned by Jagat Prasad. He was very rich, he had a number of shops at the bottom of the building which were all given on rent. Whoever his wife visited, she used to say that either you leave my house or increase the rent, it is not the owner who leaves the house. Whoever she visited, she used to repeat this. Lord is omnipresent and listens to what we say. He husband used to file a case against anyone if there was a dispute. His entire earnings used to go in food and legal expenses, he could never save anything. When he had made the house, he had borrowed money from someone and told him that if I cannot return it in ten years, the house is yours. He thought that if I sell the house now, I will get more than the sum borrowed, I will return the borrowed amount and still have some left for myself. So it was the owners who had to leave the house.


The new owner was also very angry woman. In the house, there was a large area covered with rods, which was being used by the tenants to sleep. Most tenants were refugees who had come fromPakistanafter the partition. The new owner said, I will not allow anyone to sleep in that area. The tenants protested that they were sleeping there for ever and had no other place to sleep. The earlier landlord had always allowed them to sleep there. She said, that I will make sure you reach the cemetery, she spoke for hours. At that time she was menstruating and she started bleeding heavily. A nurse was called, but she had such a disease that she died in three days itself and reached the cemetery, where she had threatened to send the tenants.


We should never speak ill. Maharajji used to say, non-violence is the greatest religion. The best religion is not to hurt anyone. To kill an animal is not alone violence, but also to hurt someone’s feelings. Some people are conceited because of their skills. There was a Chaturvedi (one who knowledgeable about the four Vedas), he was conceited about his knowledge. In a place a little away from him, there was an old Brahmin who was illiterate. The old Brahmin was renowned and a number of people used to visit him from afar. The Chaturvedi used to ask those people, why do you go to the old Brahmin? Come to me, I am so highly educated, I will teach you everything. He is an old illiterate. But no one ever listened to him. One day he thought that I will myself go to the old man. He placed his books in a carriage and started for the old man’s house, with the intent of telling him how knowledgeable he was. And that he could teach the people coming to him.


When he was approaching the old man’s house, there was a lot of dust being raked up by his carriage. The old man was sitting on a wall brushing his teeth and thought where is so much dust coming from. The old man noticed that the wall he was sitting on started moving and he though why was it moving today. Then he saw that the Chaturvedi was coming from front and the Chaturvedi saw that I am sitting on a carriage, which is being drawn by horses, but how is this old man’s wall getting dragged. The old man said, that the Absolute Lord to welcome you must have moved the wall. The Chaturvedi was perplexed and asked “have you seen the Lord?” The old man said yes. Chaturvedi immediately said please show me as well and bowed on the feet of the old man. His conceit left him.


Maharajji says that only that knowledge is worthy which helps in the search for the Lord, to meet Him and once one meets Him, to praise Him. 


Bin dekhe sarahna, andha andh kamay


 {Without seeing Him, if one praises Him, it is like the blind earning more blindness.}


 One has never seen God, but sings praises of Him, it is like a blind saying how beautiful is the garden, how beautiful are the flowers. Everyone will laugh at him, that he praises without seeing. It is everyone’s duty to take initiation from a saint and traverse the internal regions. Inside there are all kind of sights, whoever sees them and praises, that is praiseworthy. 


Kaya ka man aet sawaliyon, phir base tis naale


Phir sachhe te sada suhagun, guru ka shabd sambhaale


 {This body is really dark but He resides in this. He who connects to the sound current by the grace of the Guru meets the Lord}


 Maharajji used to say that, eko purash sabhai naar meaning, that Lord is the bridegroom and every man and woman is His bride. Only the Lord is a man and everyone is a woman in the soul form. All men and women are women in that form. Chaitanya Mahaprabhu used to wear a saree in front of the Lord, used to put a Bindi on the forehead, eyeliner in the eyes and used to dance saying that I am your consort, take me with you. He used to cry in separation – he finally merged with the Lord. That body is very beautiful, which is internally connected to its lover. How did she connect herself, how did she get attached, she got the eternal consort. When she connected her soul to the sound current opened by the Guru, traversing the internal regions, reached the Lord, who became her everlasting consort.


Sant mat has this defining quality that some one saw Him as father, like Jesus did, Ramakrishna Paramhans saw Him as mother, Yashoda and Devaki saw Him as a son, Indra saw him as a friend, but the saints saw themselves as His consorts and Him as their husband. Maharajji used to explain that the kind of rights a woman has on he husband and a man on his wife, no one can have on anyone. There was a woman, whose child was very sick. She went to a doctor who was sleeping, she pleaded with the servant to wake up the doctor as her child was very sick. The servant refused to wake him up. She then pleaded with the doctor’s son, who also expressed his helplessness. In the meanwhile, the doctor’s wife came out, the woman fell on her feet and told her everything. The wife went in and woke up her husband and asked him to attend to the child. Only the wife had the right to wake up the husband.


In this same manner, those who meditate and meet the Lord, He becomes their unpaid servant. Those who are advanced in meditation would have understood this and seen it. This is a matter of experience. This subject is of doing not speaking. I could understand what Maharajji had said ten years after he had said them, some after twenty years, some I am able to understand now. 


Lokan kiya badyaiya basant bhago


Je mile pyara apna ta log araago

{People praised the season of spring, when I met my loved one, then I understood what they meant.}


Some people want respect and praise and do not want that anyone should criticize them. Maharajji says that Kesar plant grows to the same height, however much it is crushed under the feet. Those who take their eyes off the respect and praise in this world and look at only spirituality, they will get the respect and praise as well. Do not worry about praise in this world, worry about reaching the Lord’s abode. 


Mithat neevi nanaka, gun chaliaayia


 {Those who are humble Nanak, have all the qualities.}


 Guru Nanak says that humility is the gist of all qualities. Those who are humble have all the other Godly attributes. Guru Arjan Dev says: 


Kavan so akhar, kavan gun, kavan so maniya mant


Kavan so bhesh kari, jis bas aave kant


 {Which attribute should I adopt, which path should I follow or which dress should wear, so that the Lord is pleased with me.}


 The saints made themselves into women and took the Lord as their husband. Which is that knowledge, which is that attribute, which is that jewel of jewels, which we can adorn and which is that dress that we can wear, which will make the Lord come to us. The woman always remembers her lover, but she is really happy when her consort remembers her. In the same way when the Lord remembers His devotee, the devotee is happy. Kabirdasji has said: 


Kabir mann nirmal bhaya, jaise ganga neer


Peechhe peechhe Hari phiren, kahat Kabir Kabir


 {Kabir say that my mind has become pure, like the water from theGanges. Now, the Lord follows me everywhere, saying my name.}


 Those who are advanced in meditation, the Lord calls their names out. It seems as if they are calling out from behind. Arjan Dev replies to the earlier question: 


Nivan so akhar, shivan gunn, jiva maniya mant


 {You get the knowledge of humility, and you adopt the attribute of simplicity and your tongue should become sweet and humble. O my sister soul, if you adorn these three dresses, the Lord will come to you.} 


Tvamev maata cha, pita tvamev, tvamev bandhu cha sakha tvamev


Tvamev vidya, dravidam tvamev, tvamev sarvam, mum dev dev


 {You are my mother, you are my father, you are my brother, you are my friend. You are the knowledge, you are emancipator of the meek, you are my everything.}


O Lord, you reside in my mother as in my father. If we agree with this, can we say anything ill to our mother, can we go against our father. When we understand that in my brothers, in everyone the Lord resides, how can we be critical of anyone, who will we speak against, who can we speak ill of. This is what Guru Arjan Dev is saying, O my lovely sister, if you adorn these three dresses, sweetness of speech, humility and simplicity. All the saints till date, whose sayings we read, we get to know of their extraordinary humility. Guru Nanak says:


Sab avgunn mein gunn nahin koi, kyon kar kant milava hoi


 {I possess all negative traits and do not have a single quality, how would I be able to meet the Lord.}


 He was owner of the spiritual wealth but he says I have no qualities, even if I search hard, I cannot find one. How do I meet my dear Lord. Guru Ramdasji says: 


Hum matiheen moorkh, moodhh, andhe, Satguru marg paye


 {I am without intellect, foolish, dim and blind, Satguru has shown me the path.}


 My intellect was not working at all, we were caught in this world and were blind. Those who have not opened their internal eyes (the third eye) are called blind. The external eyes we have cannot see anything without the sunlight or any other light. If it turns dark, we cannot see anything with these eyes. These are our blind eyes. Satguru has put us on the path and opened our third eye. The third eye is illuminated on its own, close the external eyes and see the light inside. 


Naam japat kotee suraj ujjiyara


 {By meditating on theNam, there is light equivalent of millions of suns.}


 Those who meditate on theNam, see lights equivalent to millions of suns. Guru Arjan Dev says:


Jet a samudra neer bhariya, ae te avgunn hamaare


Kripa karo meher upao, dubad pathar taare


 {The amount of water filled in the sea, so much are our bad attributes. Have mercy on us and tell us some solution and save the drowning stones that we are.}


We have so many bad attributes, as is the amount of water filled in the sea. We are dumb as stones, you can have mercy on us and save us, we do not even have an intellect, we are filled with sins. Paltu Das says: 


Paltu main paapi bada, bhul gaya bhagwan


Dusara Paltu ek raha, bhakti diy tehi jaan


 {Paltu I am a big sinner, I have forgotten the Lord. But there is another Paltu, whom I could know, when you gave me devotion.}


 I was a big sinner that I had forgotten the Lord, I thought there was no God at all. But the Lord knew that there was another Paltu inside him. Maharajji used to say that if a gold bar falls into mud, we will not say that we will not take it out, we will surely take it out, even if our hands get dirty. This is the way saints look at the soul, which is like a gold bar, and has fallen to the level of the senses, that we will take it out. Saints have the power to raise the soul from its fallen condition. When the soul reaches the Sachkhand, it is pure as always. Tulsi Sahab says: 


Main matiheen, deen dil deena


Sant sharan Satguru ko cheena


 {I was unintelligent and helpless. When I placed my heart at the feet of a saint, did I get to see the true nature of the Satguru.}


 I had no intellect, but I placed my heart in the feet of saints and took initiation from Satguru. I meditated on theNamand reached a level where I could see the Satguru in his resplendent form. Maharajji says that those who start knowing the true form of the Satguru have also become saints. 


Satguru agam sindh sukhdai, Jin raah reeti darsai


 {Satguru is a sea of bliss, which cannot be reached. He put me on the path of reaching the truth and the technique to reach the doorstep of the Lord.}


 Satguru is a sea of bliss, and no one can reach the Satguru. From where his radian form starts, the sea of bliss starts. Satguru only showed me the way to the ultimate Truth (that is the Lord) and taught me the technique to reach the doorstep of the Lord. Swamiji Maharaj says: 


Gati mati meri ulti-pulti, guru kar dai surat sulti


 {My flow was in the opposite direction, but the Guru turned it around and straightened the journey of my soul.}


 My intellect was turned in the opposite direction, it was running towards the world. Satguru straightened it and showed me the way to the Lord. Swamiji’s disciple Saligramji says: 


Guru dayal ab sudh le meri


Majdhar mein padi hein nayia, ab duban mein nahi deri


 {O kind Guru, now take me under your wings as my boat is in deep sea and there is not much time left before it drowns.}


 Gurudev, you are merciful, please take notice of me now. If you do not take me under your wings, I am sure to drown in the middle of the sea. Please be kind to me and take charge of me. Shamz Tabrez, who later became Guru of Maulana Rumi, went to him one day and asked him what he was doing, Maulana replied that he would not know anything about this knowledge. This was because Shamz Tabrez was illiterate. He put all the books Maulana was reading in a pond, when Maulana asked him what he had done, he took them out, totally dry, and said, this is a knowledge you do not have. Maulana fell on his feet and became his disciple. Shamz Tabrez says: 


Hum gar nahin layak darbar tumhare


Kahlate to hain banda sarkar tumahare


 {I know I do not deserve to be present in your court, but I am at least known as your servant.}


 Agreed I am very bad and do not qualify to sit in your court, but since you became our Guru, I am your disciple, whether good or bad. We are yours however we are. When rose plant has flowers, it has thorns as well. Even if I am undeserving, because of my bad traits, give me a small space in your courthouse.


When saints are made, they have to suffer infamy and they are made to suffer through that. Saints destroy our ego in their presence. Only with the grace of saints, ego comes out. If we want to bring humility on our own, it does not come. 


Hari bhayo khand ret mein bikhariyo, hasti chuniyo na jayee


Kahe Kabir kal jaati paati taj, chiti hoye chun khaye


 {The Lord has become like sugar and spread His sweetness amongst the particles of the sand. The elephant cannot gather this finely distributed sweet from the sand. Kabir says that one should leave one’s caste and become small like an ant, which can gather and taste this sweetness.}


The Lord’s sweetness is present in every particle. The elephant, standing arrogantly straight like a tree, cannot collect this wealth. Those who do not bother about their status and birth and leaving all shame, makes himself smallest of the small, can gather that sweetness and taste it. Those who remain in their ego cannot have its taste. 


Lene ko satnam hein, dene ko anndan


Tarne ko hein deenta aur dooban ko abhiman


 {If one wants to take anything, one should take the true Nam. If one wants to give something, one should donate food. If one wants to get emancipated, humility is the way and if one wants to drown, he should be egoistic.}


 If you want to take something, take Nam from a saint and with a lot of interest and humility, pursue spirituality and those who have not takenNam, cannot reach the Lord. If someone wants to give something, he should donate food, if someone comes to beg, give him food instead of money. If we give money and the recipient uses it for some misdeed, we will need to suffer for it. That is why enlightened ones say that there is no harm in giving food. Those who want to get emancipated from this world, should sit in the boat of humility. And to drown, conceit or ego is the biggest reason. Sometimes devotees also get egoistic. 


Bhakti kar jo sevak rakhe, mann antar abhiman


 {Being devoted, if the devotee keeps conceit in his mind.}


 He is a devotee but gets ego, Lord does not like ego. Once Narad Muni was going on Himalaya, there was a cave there besides which Ganges was flowing. He started meditating there. His mind was pure and he was a devotee of Lord Vishnu as well, he went into deep meditation, A number of years passed, in those times, one used to live to a much longer age and one could meditate for long period of time, so Naradji did not get up from meditation for a number of years. Indra got worried that Narad is meditating to take my position. He called the cupid, paid his respects to him and asked him to take as many associates as he wanted and disturb Narad’s meditation. The cupid arranged for fragrant gardens, beautiful flowers, beautiful angels, sweet music and dance all around, but Narad’s meditation continued. When Naradji got up, he thought to himself that I have so much forgiveness and calm within myself that I did not get angry at the cupid. I will tell this to Lord Vishnu.


When Naradji told the whole tale to Vishnu, he saw that Narad has got conceit. He told him, that you were always an ascetic, how can the cupid ever affect you, hearing this Naradji became even more conceited about his qualities. After that he started towards earth, where he saw a kingdom which was beautifully adorned and there were lights all around.. He asked a person that I have come here quite often in the past, but never seen such a beautiful city before. The man replied, that the city was adorned for the swaymvar of daughter of king Sheel. Naradji went straight to the king, who seated him on his throne and paid his respects to him and welcomed him with food and drinks. He called his daughter and asked Naradji, what kind of bridegroom will she get. Seeing the beauty of the princess, Naradji’s wisdom went for a toss. He heard within Lord Vishnu saying that her bridegroom will be immortal and everyone in the world will worship him. He thought if she marries me, I will become immortal. He thought that he could not go the Lord Vishnu at that time, so he sat with his eyes closed and Lord Vishnu appeared before him. He said, o Lord, I am in great trouble, bless me that the attractive princess should wed me. Give me your beauty for a day, this is what is for my benefit. Vishnuji said, I have sworn to get you the ultimate benefit. If someone ill is troubled by his illness and asks the doctor for poison, the doctor does not give him poison. Lord Vishnu tried to make him understand, but he was totally enamored by the princess’s beauty. When he opened his eyes, he saw that this entire body had become like Lord Vishnu, he thought that the lord has blessed him for his benefit and went to the swyamvar and sat on the front chair. When the princess came, Naradji tried to position him so that she could see him. Actually, Lord Vishnu had given him his own body but face of a monkey. The princess went ahead and put the garland on Lord Vishnu who had also come to swamvyar in form of a king. Shivji had also sent two of his devotees to see what comes of Narad who had gone in his conceit. They asked Narad, you were trying to move to show yourselves so much, have you seen your face. When Naradji saw his face in water, that he was given a monkey’s face, he got very angry and cursed Vishnuji, that the way you have separated me from this lady, Lord will also separate you in next birth. When Vishnuji took Ram’s birth, he had to suffer separation from Sita in the jungle.


He went forward, seeing Lakshmiji on one side and the princess on the other side of Vishnuji. He moved forward quickly to ask him, why he did this. There was Lakshmiji on one side and the princess on the side, but as he was watching, they disappeared and only Lord Vishnu remained. Then Naradji understood that to make me understand, Vishnuji has created this illusion. He fell on his feet and asked for forgiveness.


This world is an illusion created by the Lord. Illusion is lack of correct understanding, lack of knowledge. The entire world is caught in an illusion, here we believe that all things are our own. What is ego, whatever we have, we think we have earned it on our own with hard work. The Lord does not like ego, he doesn’t like that we say we have earned, I have got it.


Mein naal rab di dushmani, mein na rab nu bhaye


Rab sabab kare koi aisa, mein mairee mit jaye


 {Ego is an enemy of the Lord, He does not like ego. The Lord should do something that my ego is destroyed.}


 Lord does not like ego at all. The Lord likes humility, to please Him, one should become humble. Those who become humble the Lord dotes on them. 


Deen, garibi, bandage, sadhan se adheen


 {Humility, poverty are devotions and one who is dependent on the saints.}


 We should assume humility and poverty. Ravindranath Tagore once went to Japan and gave a discourse on Gita for ten days in the evening. A number of people used to come to hear him, among who was an old man who used to get a rose garland, put it around his neck and sit down. He used to come earlier than anyone but used to sit at the back. When the discourses got over, he folded his hands and requested Tagore to come to his place, which Tagore accepted. The man brought a big car, adorned with a lot of flowers to take Rabindranathji home. He thought that this man must have spent so much on hiring such a big car. Then he took him to a palatial house and seated him on a chair made of gold and he was served with two hundred dishes, in gold and silver plates. Ravindranathji asked him, whose house had he got him, you had to take me to your home. The old man said humbly, this house is yours only, these are my four sons and this is my family. I have two mills. This chair on which you are sitting, there are others like this. The car you came on, there another five like that. But to be proud of this wealth is foolishness, this wealth cannot lead to self realization. The self knowledge you have given me, that is the real wealth. This wealth will remain here. Hearing this, Rabindranathji was very happy. He further said, I came to your door as a beggar, then only I got the self knowledge from you. Rabindranathji said, you did not have attachment to the worldly wealth, you wanted self realization, so the Lord, sent you to me. We can get self knowledge only by His grace. Those who have wealth of this world, but no attachment to it, such wealth is beneficial. Such wealth gives happiness and remains stable in that place. Wealth stays only at a place where people respect self realization, which is the real wealth which goes with us. Those who meditate, the fruits of the meditation remain with them and they make palaces of gold for themselves in the other world – beds of gold, vessels of gold and everything made of gold. Those who meditate will see this in their meditation.


 As much as we meditate, when we traverse the internal regions, we will see light of millions of suns inside us. 


Naam japat koti suraj ujjiyara


 {By meditating on theNam, we see brightness of millions of suns.} 


Taake sang mein rahun jyon, paani sang meen


 {I remain with you as water remains with the fish.}


 Lord says that I remain in this manner with those souls, who have meditated and reached higher regions. In my ocean of love, they immerse themselves and get such bliss as fishes in the water. 


Deen lambe much saban ko, deen lakkhe na koi


Kahe girdhar deen na lakkhe, deen bandhu sam hoye


 {Those who are humble, look at everyone’s face but no one looks at them. Only one who has become mouthpiece of the Lord, will look at such a person }


Those who become humble, looks at everyone’s face. I also used to look at everyone’s face in the ashram, that someone will speak to me, but no one used to talk to me. Humility is the best, saints have contemplated and come to this conclusion. Humility transforms a human to his superhuman state.


I used to tell Maharajji that everyone hates me here, no one speaks to me. Maharajji used to say, that I don’t hate you, I love you. If everyone hates you let them do that, you come for me, I love you, you keep coming to meet me. 


Ek baani jo deenta, santan kiya vichaar


Yahin bhet gurudev ki, sab kuchh guru darbar


 {Humility is the best, saints have contemplated on this and said. This is the gift from the Master, all is in Guru’s court.}


 Sweet speech is the essence of all qualities. 


Tulsi meethe vachan se such upje chahu ore


Vashikaran ye mantra hein, tu taj de vacahan kathor


 {Tulsi with sweet speech, happiness is generated in all four directions. This is the mantra to influence everyone, leave the harsh language.}


 Those who speak sweet language, they are happy within themselves and those who hear them also become happy. You should completely leave speaking harsh language. When we speak harsh language we indulge in violence. Our harsh words hurt hearts of others. 


Jo tainu piya Milan di sikhata, hiya na thai kai da


 {If you want to meet your love, do not hurt anyone.}


 This is from the Gurbani, that if you want to meet the dear Lord, do not hurt anyone. To hurt someone is the biggest violence. Because the Lord resides in everyone’s heart, so we should always speak sweetly and lovingly. If we go to any saint or enlightened person, we should go humbly. We can get spiritual wealth only we go in all humility.


Deen garibi bandage, sabse aadar bhav


Kahe Kabir tehi bada ja mein bada subhav


 {Humility, poverty, devotion and respect for all. Kabir says, one who has a good nature is the one who is great.}


 One who has a great nature. There was a king, who was very cruel. There was a man name diamond, whom he ordered to be hanged for a crime which was not that big. He had a friend, who went to see him, when he came to know of the punishment. Diamond said, I have no problem if I get hanged, but I want to see my wife and children once. But they are very far, across the sea, if the king releases me, I will  meet them and come back. His friend went to the king and with all humility asked him to release diamond so that he could meet his wife and children and then he could hang him. The king said, will you stand as surety for him and be in the jail till he comes back. If he does not return, we will hang you. Without asking Diamond, he said yes and got locked up in the jail. His friend Diamond was released to meet his wife and children. The day for the hanging came, his friend was taken to the place of the hanging. He said, Diamond did not come on time as the wind is blowing against him, hang me quickly. At that time a voice came, stop, Diamond has come, he did not climb the stairs and jumped straight from there. Diamond said, that I thank God that you are saved. His friend said, could you not have delayed two minutes more, they would have hanged me by then. Seeing this the king came down from his throne and said, that these friends have melted my heart, I cannot break their friendship. I also want to become like them. Kabir sahib says: 


Kabir nave so aap ko, par ko nave na koye


 {Kabir if someone becomes humble, it is for oneself and not for anyone else.}


 Ibrahim left his kingdom and went in search for the Lord. The city he visited, the news spread that king Ibrahim has come. He went to a barber to change his look, so that people could not recognize him. The barber he went to was a devotee, he had a principle that he used to cut hair of people as per the queue. Ibrahim thought that I will give him such a big reward, that he will cut my hair first. He put gold bars in a bag and threw in front of the barber. The barber used to distribute all his earnings of Friday among the poor. That was a Friday and he put the gold bars also for giving to the poor. Ibrahim had to wait for his turn, which took two hours. He started scolding his mind, that you have left the palace but not your ego. I want to give you a very hard punishment. When he got his haircut and came out, he saw a throng of people who had come to see the king who had renounced everything. Not recognizing him, someone asked, do you know where is king Ibrahim staying. He replied, do not take the name of that cruel, egoistic sinner in front of me. People took affront that he is calling such a religious king as cruel and started beating him. Someone kicked him while others punched him till he started bleeding. He got up and told himself, o’ mind you deserved this, in fact I say that you should get punished even more because you have no humility. You still have conceit of being a king.


In his search for the Lord, he reached at Kabirdasji’s doorsteps. When he reached there, Kabirdasji said, you are a king and we are ordinary people, sometimes we have to eat peanuts and sleep, how will you be able to eat the food we eat. Ibrahim said, whatever you give me, I will eat, but I will not leave till I meet the Lord. Six years of his stay there passed, mother Loi (Kabirdasji’s wife) said, Maharaj, please give him something. Kabirdasji said, he has not yet become deserving, you throw some dirt on him from top and see what he says. When mother Loi threw dirt on his head, he said, if I was in my kingdom, I would have seen, who could put dirt on my head. Kabirdasji said, he still has the pride of his being a king in himself. Six more years passed, when kabirdasji told mother Loi that I will give him spiritual wealth today. Mother Loi said, I find him same as what he was earlier. Kabirdasji said, no, today you put sewerage on his head, when she did so, he said, I should be treated even worse than this as I am a sinner, twelve years have passed serving here and I am so bad that I still have not got any spiritual wealth.


Mother Loi, reported this back to Kabirdasji, who said, look do you see the difference, hasn’t he become deserving, hasn’t he become humble. Kabirdasji blessed him with unlimited spiritual wealth. On day, Ibrahim was sitting near the river and sewing his clothing, when his kingdom’s minister passed by. He recognized him and implored him to come back and take care of the kingdom. He threw the needle into the water and asked him to get it back for him. The minister said, I will get you thousands of needles, I don’t know where this one would have gone. One fish caught the needle and brought it upto Ibrahim and gave it to him. He said, I don’t need my kingdom, I rule over this entire world. I can do what I want. Almighty has said, that there is no price for humility. To get humility one doesn’t need to spend any money, one becomes humble can buy anything he wants.


Ibrahim was humble for his own good, we should understand that we meditate for ourselves. We come to the Guru, not for his benefit but for our own benefit. 


Aap mete tu mile, tiya mein raha samaaye


 {By destroying my ego, You can be gotten and I will merge into You.}


 Those who get rid of their ego can reach the Lord and they merge in the Lord. This story of love is one to experience not to state. 


Uncche paani na tike, neeche hi thahraye


Neecha hoye so bhartiye, unccha pyasa jaye


{The water does not hold in a high place and gets accumulated in a low spot. Those who consider themselves lowly are able to drink and those who are highly placed go unrequited.}


We should make our heart a source for love, it should flow for all creatures in this creation. Those who have become humble, only can get this wealth. Those become lower than the lowly, i.e. kill their ego, get the spiritual wealth and those who consider themselves superior and knowledgeable, seldom go to the door of a saint. Those who are filled with different kind of conceits, cannot get any spiritual wealth. 


Neeche-neeche sab tare, jet e bahut adheen


Jadh bohit abhimaan ki, budhe bahut kuleen


 {Those who remain low cross the world, those who are totally dependent on Him. The saints grind our pride to such a fine powder that no trace of it is left}.


Saints grind their ego to such a level that it is ground to dust and no particle of ego is left. There was an enlightened person by name of Usman, someone called him for lunch. When he came for lunch, he disrespected him and sent him back. Then he invited him again and when he went again to eat, he disrespected him and sent him back. He did this three-four times, but Usman never got angry. Seeing this, the man fell on his feet, saying that you are a real enlightened person. Usman replied, what difference did you see in me and a dog. If you call the dog, it comes and if you shoo it away it runs off. If you call it again, it will come and shoo him away, it runs away. This is how humble saints are.


There was a woman who used to listen to religious tales in a temple, where a pandit used to tell the tales. She came to know that a group of women were going for pilgrimage. She also thought of going for pilgrimage but was concerned about where she could keep her valuable possessions and jewelry so that they do not get stolen. Then she thought of the pandit, who used to tell the tales in the temple. She kept her jewelry in a box, locked it and went to the pandit. He said that I do not touch others jewelry, you dig a hole in the earth and bury the box, when you come back, take it out. When she went away, he took out the box and buried it somewhere else. When she returned back from the pilgrimage and asked the pandit for the jewelry, he replied that he doesn’t touch the jewelry and she should search where she had buried it. When she dug up the place, there was nothing. She went away crying. She met a man on the way, who enquired why she was crying. She told him that she had buried her jewelry in pandit’s courtyard and now it is missing. The man said, don’t worry you will get your jewelry tomorrow.


The man changed his attire and went to the pandit and in the same manner as the woman told him that he was going for a pilgrimage and wanted to keep his wealth with him. The woman came there at that same time and asked pandit for her box. Seeing that box of the man was much bigger than the one left by the woman, he said, you must have forgotten where you had put your box, why don’t you dig in this place. She got her jewelry back. At that time some people came to call the man, saying that someone has died at your home, you cannot go for pilgrimage. Those who think of themselves as very smart, like the pandit, drown in their smartness – they climb the boat of conceit and drown. 


Sab te laghuta bhali, laghuta se sab kuchh hoye


Jas dwitiya ka chandrama, tees mile sab hoye


 {Being small is the best, being small achieves everything. Like the moon on the second day only become bigger after that.}


 Once Hanuman Ji became very proud that Ram had sent him to find where Sita was taken, he not only found her but also burnt down Lanka and broke the pride of Ravan. When he was crossing the sea on the way back, he was feeling very proud, the Sound Current is always present and the Lord knew he is getting conceited. When a disease is arising, if it is cured then itself, it gets cured faster. If the disease is allowed to grow, it becomes very painful. When he crossed the seas, he reached near a mountain where a Sadhu was sitting, he told him that I have just completed a great deed. I have found where Ma Sita is and I have burnt the Lanka city. I am very thirsty, will I get some water. The sadhu pointed towards a stream which was flowing nearby. When Hanuman Ji started drinking the water, he kept the ring and bracelet he had got from Sita on the side. A monkey came and put the ring in a narrow-headed bowl. When Hanuman Ji reached there, the Sadhu asked him to take back the ring. When he tried to take the ring back, he realized there were numerous similar rings in the bowl. The Sadhu said, whenever Ram takes birth and asks Hanuman to find Sita, he loses the ring in this bowl. He asked how many times did he come, the Sadhu replied, you can count the rings. The rings were innumerable. His conceit finished at that very instant, he realized that who knows how many Hanuman’s have been there before him – my being proud is worthless. Sometimes people get conceited like this.


Garudji (A large bird, which is Vishnu’s vehicle) became egoistic that Bhagwan Krishna who has lifted the weight of fourteen regions on his head, I carry him on my shoulders. I can fly so fast, that is why Bhagwan has made me his vehicle. Then there was the Sudarshan Chakra (his weapon), which also got conceited. It thought, there is no weapon like me in this world, my shine itself destroys all other weapons. I am such a good weapon that is why the Bhagwan has kept me as protector of Dwarka city. When Bhagwan Krishna came to know of this conceit, this is not going to harm me, but their devotion will get harmed. He started thinking about this, he stopped eating and drinking anything and going anywhere. People started thinking why Bhagwan is so sad, what should we do? They decided that Satbhama should go and ask him the reason. When she asked him, he replied that I have a very loving disciple who is on Garbhmardan mountain and I am very eager to meet him. This is the reason for my sadness. Satbhama replied that this is a very small thing, I will call Garudji and he will bring him here. Please tell him his name and where he is.


Krishanji told Garud, you don’t have to tell him that I am calling him, you have to say that Ramji is in Dwarka and is remembering you. His abode is in Garbhmardan mountain, please go there. He flew at a great speed and reached there and heard someone chanting the name of Ram amongst banana groves. He met Hanumanji there, to whom he narrated the message and he was very happy to hear it. Garudji said, please sit on my back, I will take you there quickly. Hanumanji said, you please go, I will come on my own. Garudji insisted that he should come with him as on his own he will take days to reach, whereas he would get him there very quickly. Hanumanji flew with such speed, that Garudji could only watch in amazement.


When he reached Dwarka, Sudarshan Chakra stopped him. Hanumanji requested that Ramji has called me, I have come on his beckoning, please do not stop me. Sudarshan Chakra still did not allow him entry and started hitting him, when he put it under his arms. He went in and saw Ramji, who asked what do you have under your arms? He replied, it is a small chakra, which was not allowing me to enter, saying this, he released it. By then Garudji also reached there, panting. Both their conceits were broken then and there. 


Sabse laghutai bhali, laghuta se sab ho


 {Being small is the best, being small achieves everything.}


 We should consider ourselves to be small, that is what is beneficial to us. The moon of the second day is mall and everyone prays to it (as per Hindu tradition). The same moon becomes full one day. One who becomes small will become big one day. One who is not humble cannot become big. We should treat everyone with humility, we should present ourselves and talk politely and with humility. Politeness is one thing which dissolves sweetness in our hearts. Such a person will speak with sweetness. The vibrations such a person will emanate will be imbued in sweetness. This sweetness will be equal for the neighbors and family, basically everyone.


We were in a neighborhood, where we should sleep together on the roof, the men of one family on one side, women in the centre and men of the other family on the other side. Where we stay, the breath we take also affects others. I was meditating one morning and my neighbor was sewing a sweater. Kripal Singh Ji appeared to her and said, can’t you see Chandra Prabha is sitting in meditation, you also go and sit. She told me, my sweater also fell and the sewing needles also fell down. Your bed was large, so I sat behind you. Kripal Singh Ji appeared again and scolded me, does anyone sit with one’s back to someone, sit in front. I sat in front of you. Some fifteen minutes had passed that something started leaving my body from my head – the soul leaves the body in meditation. It was said that the sweetness is the same for the neighbors also. Kripal Singh Maharajji appeared again and said, your husband is up and asking for food, go and give him food. She told me that with great difficulty, I got up rubbing my hands and feet to get the circulation back and ran downstairs.


There was no person left on our street, who did not getNam. Ladies in our street used to go to Gurudwara very early in the morning. I also told them to take me along. They called in the morning and we all went out, where truck drivers stopped for us and offered us a lift to the Gurudwara. Everyone sat in the truck, so did I and we reached Sheesh Ganj Gurudwara in fifteen minutes. When I reached there, I saw women with two month babies with them, women who had just been married and a number of other people, who had filled up the Gurudwara. The Pathi (priest) read out the sermon and then they sang Ardaas (hymns of supplication), we got Prasad and went back. I thought to myself, what did these women gain even though they got up so early and made so much efforts to come here. They got no spiritual benefit and only indulged in outer actions. I felt deeply for them and prayed to Maharajji that our entire street is full of devotees. Wouldn’t it be very nice if they gotNam. Maharajji said, that their applications have been received, whichever is accepted will get theNam. Everyone of them finally gotNam. Now they say: 


Bura jo dekhan mein chala, bura na mileya koi


 {I went looking for someone bad, but did not find anyone.}


Dronacharya called Yudhishter and asked him to find a bad person and bring him there. Yudishter kept searching for days altogether but came back without success. With folded hands he said, I could not find anyone bad. Then he called Duryodhan and asked him to find a good person and bring him there. He also went away in search and then came back and said, I could not find one. People sitting there asked Dronacharya, how is this possible, Yudhishter could not find anyone bad and Duryodhan could not find anyone good. He said, I will explain, however a person is, he finds people to be in the same mould. Yudishter is a good person so he finds everyone good. Such people look at their own failings and how they can improve on them and do not see the shortcomings of others. And Duryodhan could not find a single good person because he is a bad person and sees everyone in the same light. Then Kabir sahib says, “Kabir I am worse than anybody”. Those who become humble, want to hide their positive attributes. They want to remain away from the world. To achieve this end, sometimes they create a bad name for themselves and then do their work away from the public glare.


Once Kabirdasji took a woman of bad repute along, she had turned a devotee but the world did not know. On the other side he took the cobbler saint Rehdas and took two bottles in the hands, which looked like containing liquor. There was commotion amongst people. The king asked what was happening, so people replied that it is your Guru. Taunting him they said, one side there is a prostitute and on the other a cobbler and hands are full with liquor bottles. Normally, the king used to stand up immediately on hearing of the arrival of Kabirdasji, but seeing this, he kept sitting. Kabirdasji opened both the bottles and drained them on the floor. When there was no smell of liquor from them, the king immediately sprang up and ran towards them. Rehdasji said that at the moment Kabirdasji is dousing the fire at the Jagannath temple. The king immediately sent his man to check the veracity of the fire, he came back and reported that indeed there was a fire and people reported that Kabirdasji had doused it. Kabirdasji had created this drama for people but saints do not let their disciples suffer and the king’s faith in his Guru was restored as earlier. They do this to get rid of the flies – people who want worldly things from the saints and not the Lord.


Once Guru Nanak Dev Ji took the form of a hunter and kept ferocious dogs with him. Whoever came to him, he showed them a knife or left the dogs after them and they ran away. Only one person was left – Lehna. He asked, “O Lehna, why didn’t you run away”. He was Angad Dev. He said, I have no place in this world, except your feet. Guru nank said, if you want to come with me, you will need to eat a dead body. He said, whatever you feed me I will eat it. A little ahead, there was a dead body lying wrapped in a cloth. He asked, which side should I start eating from, the feet or the head. He replied, whichever side you want. When he took off the cloth, he found there were sweets there. Great men sometimes invite infamy to get rid of the flies of the world.


Similarly, there were Gopichand and Bhartirishi. They were staying at a potters place in peace. One day there was a lot of dust flying around on the horizon and the potter informed them that the king was coming with his subjects to see them. Gopichand and Bhartirishi decided to fight in front of them and one said, that yesterday you had brought sweets and did not give me, today I have got sumptuous food but will not share with you. The other said, where have you hidden my sweets and kept up the pretense of a fight. When everyone went away, the potter asked, great sire, these people had come to see you, why did you do thus. They said, to get rid of the flies of the world.


This is what Kabirdasji says, that we become bad, “one who understands this is our friend”. One who understands this becomes our friend. 


Mera mujh mein kuchh nahin, jo kuchh hein sab tor


Tera tujh ko saump diya, kya lage hein mor


 {There is nothing of mine in myself, whatever is there is yours. I have given back what was yours to you, now what is left there to be mine?}


Everything is yours, even this body and mind. Like a person comes to your house and keeps a suitcase with you, which has a lot of money. Please keep it with you safely and I will take it when I come back. When the person comes back, if we do not give it back to him, it is cheating. Whatever God wants to take back, let it go – “Your will is sweet to me”.


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