Daya – Kindness or Mercy

Kindness is a name for compassion, sympathy and kind-heartedness. Feeling sympathy in one’s heart, on seeing someone in misery, is kindness. A kind person cannot see sorrows of anyone. He tries to cure the sorrow with all tools at his disposal, his mind, body and wealth. Without alleviating the pain, he does not rest in peace. 

Hari ke gun har bhavde, vo guru seti paye

{God likes attributes, which are like His own, these we can get through the Guru.}

God likes those attributes in us, which are like His own. Those who adopt them are also liked by Him. There is an anecdote of a man, who needed someone for his office work. He took out an advertisement in the newspaper. Thousands of applications came, which were all handwritten. This person had a very good handwriting. He looked at every application very carefully and kept them aside. Then he saw an application with a beautiful handwriting, just like his own, he selected that person for the job. The jist is that he liked to see the same attributes in others as he had himself. The same way the Lord likes in us those attributes, which He Himself has. Kabirdasji has called the nine jewels as jewels and not attributes as these are worth adopting. This jewel is of kindness.  

Daya bhav hriday nahin, gyan kahe behad 

Ve nar narak jayenge, suni suni sakhi shabad 

{No kindness in the heart, but speaks volumes of knowledge. Those people will go into hell, listen to my true word.} 

Kabirdasji explains that those who do not have kindness in their hearts but speak many knowledgeable things, the Lord says that such people will go to hell. Someone who does not have kindness of heart, has to go through hell. 

Whatever we sow, so shall we reap. If we plant chilies, we will harvest chilies. Enlightened ones say that this body is an arena of actions. Whatever actions we undertake, we reap the results accordingly. If we bring a cookery book home and keep reading the recipes for making sweets, we will not get to actually taste them. In the same way, by only singing songs in praise of the Lord or reading about Him, we will not attain anything. The true knowledge is in implementing it.  

Daya maalik mein raakhiye, tu kyon nirday hoe 

Sai ke sab jeev hein, kidi kunjar doe 

{Keep kindness in your heart, why are you being heartless. Every creature is made by the Lord, whether it be an insect or an animal.} 

It is said that the Almighty loves the attribute of kindness. Those who become kind at heart will become very dear to the Lord. They ask, why have you become so heartless and cruel? Isn’t He present in every living creature, is He not all pervading? Those who have become cruel and are ready to kill, this question is asked to them, shaking them up as to how they have become so cruel. 

Once there was king who was fond of hunting. He took his minister to hunt animals. After looking out for a long time, they could still not find any animal. On this, the king surmising the reason, told the minister that I am such a good hunter that I have killed all the animals in the forest and none is left. The minister disagreeing with him, told the King that he could show him some animals, if the king vouches not to harm any of them. The king agreed to abide with the minister’s request. The minister was a disciple of a Guru and saw the Lord in every living creature. He used to bring cartloads of food and feed the animals. The animals also loved him. When they used to hear the sound of his vehicle and his whistle, they used to come out running and lovingly eat the food. When he whistled and put the food out, all the animals came out of their hiding places. They started licking the feet of the minister and eating the food. Then the minister explained, because you kill them, they hide on hearing the noise of your chariot. Now that you have vowed not to kill them, they have come out to receive your love. He said, O king, this is an arena of actions, if we kill animals, we will go to hell and go through the cycle of birth and death. If we kill a goat, we will become a goat and if we kill a hen, then we will become a hen. We will have to undergo the punishment for our deeds. We have to bear the results of both our good and bad deeds. Only saints have mercy on us and tell us what the right use of this life is. The Lord takes human form (in form of saints) and dwells on earth.  

Prabhu bole kaya ke ole, bin kaya prabhu kaise bole 

{The Lord speaks through a human form, without the human form how will He communicate with us.} 

How will the Lord come to us? We cannot see Him. Even if He takes the form of a Devta (a Demi-God), we cannot see Him as they only have an astral body. And birds and animals cannot make us understand their language.  

Prabhuji basae sadh ki rasna 

{The Lord resides on the tongue of a Sadhu.} 

It is said that the Lord works through a medium. Kabirdasji has explained beautifully:  

Na kuchh kiya na kar saku, na kuch karne yogya shareer, 

Jo kuchh kiya so Hari kiya, kah gaye das kabir 

{I have done nothing and am not capable of doing anything, my body is not capable of doing anything. Whatever has been done has been done by God, so says his servant Kabir.} 

Kabirdasji says that I have not done anything and my body is incapable of doing anything. The saints are aware and have full knowledge of this. Whether the creature is small or large, his soul is a part of the Lord. Ahinsa parmo dharm (Non-Violence is the highest religion). 

We should be non-violent. We should do no violence, either through our thoughts, through our words or through our actions. He further says:  

Ham roye sansar ko, roye na hamko koye, 

Hamko to so royee hai, jo shabad sanehi hoye 

{We cry for things of the world, but no one cries for us. Only one who is one with the Sound Current cries for us.} 

Kabirdasji says that we are crying for this world, we are unaware of our past Karmas, so we are sorrowful. If a child does misdeeds, his mother gets distressed. The mother does not want that child should do anything which later brings suffering to him. In the same way saints are a reflection of God and are full of mercy. People in this world do not cry for saints, those who are spiritually attained and connected to the sound current, cry for them. Those who have understood the Lord’s power, those who are connected to their Guru and the sound current, they cry. In this world, the Satguru is the representative of the Almighty, if he goes into hiding (i.e. leaves the mortal frame), everyone connected with the sound current will cry. 

Shabad milaava hoyega, ab deh milava naahi 

{I will meet you in the sound form now as I am leaving this mortal body}. 

Saints say that our real self, which is the soul does not die and always remains. After we leave the body, the spiritual attainment goes with us and we are connected with the sound current. Manav Kalyan Kendra has been started so that the entire world should learn the way to God.  

Ek pita ekas ke hum balak 

{There is one Father and we are all His children.} 

Saints feel our pain. It is further explained:  

Bairagi bann gaye, antar daya na upjae, dhani sahenge maar 

{The rich have left the world and become homeless but if kindness does not nurture in their hearts, they will have to face the ill consequences of fate.} 

Sometimes people are troubled at home, they leave their households, wear orange robes and say we have left the world. Such people beg and live. First they left their families to starve and now they are begging for their food. They neither have kindness in their heart nor the Lord resides there. Saints never say that one should leave one’s household for the sake of meditation. Saints never teach this. They teach how to remain in the household and remember the name of the Lord. We have to do the Lord’s work as well as look after the household.  

Hath kaar val, te dil yaar val 

{The hands are engaged in the work and the mind is busy in His remembrance.} 

One day I asked Maharajji, I have to eat only three rotis, for which I have to work the whole day. Tell me some ashram where I can stay, have my food and meditate the whole day. Maharajji said, you shouldn’t think this way, you have to remain in your household. One learns to swim only in the water. I asked him how – and he said, if someone says something harsh to you, someone criticizes you, someone speaks badly with you, these are all currents. We get so many troubles, which we need to bear. This is called learning to swim. By bearing these, we can cross over this material world. Anyone says anything to us, we remain in His sweet remembrance, what harm can it do us? Our first responsibility is towards our household.  

Antar daya na upjae, dhani sahenge maar 

Those who do not have kindness in their hearts will have to suffer at the hands of the Yama (Lord of Death). Kripal singh Maharajji used to explain in very simple words. Kindness is the name for compassion, sympathy and kindheartedness, meaning that if we see someone sad, our heart melts. We should totally melt and get sympathy for the person, that is called kindness. A kind person cannot endure the pain of others, seeing their helplessness, he makes all efforts through his wealth, body and mind to alleviate the pain and cannot rest in peace till he does so. The lord is merciful. In Gurubani, He has been described as the supreme merciful, He is the giver of life to everyone and is showering His mercy on everyone.  

A soul which turns inwards, experiences the colors of the Lord. Those who meditate and attain spiritually, God showers his mercy on them. The soul is but a part of the Lord. Kahe Kabir eh Ram ka ansh (Kabir says that this is a part of Ram).  

The soul which sees the colors of the Lord, gets imbued with His greatness and is kind to all creatures. Then he explains that the soul which gets imbued in his colors, becomes one with Him and gets the attribute of kindness and then showers that kindness onto everyone. When the feeling of kindness takes strong roots, friendship is born and the soul starts loving everyone and speaks sweet language and conducts itself lovingly. Kindness is the source of all virtues. It is said:  

Daya dharma ka mool hain, paap mool abhiman  

{Kindness is the source of spirituality and conceit begets sins.}  

The saints have got to the bottom of this, among various virtues, kindness has been put above all. Such a heart filled with kindness leads to spiritual attainment. Only one who is kind can be spiritual, kindness begets virtues like patience and forgiveness. It is said that whoever is kind will one day get the virtue of patience and will see the Lord in every creature.  

Where kindness of heart is not there, spirituality cannot remain and forgiveness cannot last. Kindness and spirituality have a very strong connection.  

Jahan daya tahan dharma hain, jahan lobh tahan paap 

Jahan krodh tahan kaal hain, jahan kshama tahan aap 

{Where there is kindness there is spirituality, where there is greed there is sin. Where there is anger, Kaal comes and where there is forgiveness, there the Lord is.}  

These attributes are all connected to each other, whoever has mercy will have spirituality. Those who do not have mercy will not have spirituality. Those who have mercy have the virtues of patience, contentment, forgiveness etc. One who does not have kindness, all these attributes go away and the five robbers, lust, anger, conceit, greed and attachment start residing there. Tulsidasji has said, daya dharma ka mool hain (Kindness is the root of spirituality).  

Kindness is the root from which the tree of spirituality will spring forth. Like we sow something, that is the source. The source of all sins is ego or conceit. One who is kind will get its fruits and will become a spiritual person.  

Daya dharma ka mool hain, paap mool abhiman 

Tulsi daya na chhodiye, jab lag ghat mein pran 

{Kindness is the source of spirituality and conceit begets sins. Tulsi do no leave kindness till you have breath in your body.}  

A kind person is like an overflowing cup of love and kindness. Such a person does not like violence. Such people are blessed. Guru Arjan says:  

Athsath teerth sakal punya, jiya daya parvaan 

Jisnoo deve daya kar, soi purush sujan  

{One is blessed with fruits of sixty eight pilgrimages, in the company of a kind soul. Only when He gives to someone the person becomes enlightened.}  

Wherever any spiritually attained person or saint has stayed, has become a place of pilgrimage. Those who have kindness in their heart become a walking pilgrimage and get the purity of the pilgrimages within themselves. On whomsoever the Lord has mercy, that person becomes enlightened and a sea of kindness swells in their hearts. Those who sit near such a person, also get a shower of His mercy. Devotion and kindness are both contagious diseases. Where Lord’s devotees sit, those who sit amongst them get infected with devotion. A kind person has a peaceful aura around him and those creatures which come in contact with him get joyous. Their sins get dissipated.  

Once Baba Sawan Singh Ji’s train stopped atMeerutstation, a number of his followers came to see him at the station. The train used to stop there only for a few minutes. There was a Muslim on the station, who was attracted by Maharajji’s persona. He came ahead and greeted him. Maharajji held his hand and with great affection responded back with a greeting. He went away. After a few days, when he was nearing his death, Maharajji appeared internally to him and said, I will come to take you – he knew that this was the Guru fromBeas. He called some disciples who stayed in his locality and narrated what he had seen. They asked him, how much time had passed since his initiation, to which he replied that he has not been initiated but Babaji had held his hand atMeerutstation. The disciple said that you are very fortunate, because while he comes to take the initiated ones at the time of death, but he is taking care of you even without initiating you.  

Once Maharaj Sawan Singhji was sitting in a train, when someone bought some grapes, which were very nice. He offered some to Maharajji, which he partook. Maharajji also came to take care of him at the time of his death. Such people are blessed, in whose contact people become joyous and a number of sins get destroyed. A person without kindness of heart keeps the face of a human being but does not deserve to be called human. Animals have different nails to humans as they hunt. When a cat holds its kittens, it is in a different manner and when she catches a mouse it is differently. In catching the two, one reflects a feeling of kindness and the other lack of it. However, the human hands and feet are not made like animals. It is so because humans are not supposed to kill and eat animals. Those who take human form and kill animals, selfishness, abuse and unfairness become their traits and such people become cause of disturbances. To hurt someone and put it in our stomachs, making a grave of our stomachs. They get all attributes of animals and become a cause of disturbing others. And to pay those Karmas, are pushed around various forms in their rebirths.  

Once I went to Sahasradhara (hot springsnear Dehradun). As it had become late at night, we decided to stay there. My sister sent her car to pick us up. On the way we saw a rabbit, which was pierced by an arrow like weapon. This is a pastime for hunters, but we felt a lot of pain. They are happy killing animals. These merciless people suck the blood of a number of creatures for their selfish pleasure, they are more poisonous than the snakes. Just by looking at such people, their sins rub off onto us. We get the poison when a snake bites us, but with such people by merely looking at them we get the poison. The snakes bites someone once in a while, but a merciless, faithless person stings people around him hundreds of times through his words and stares, the result of which is to spread animosity.  

Sakhi sabad sandesh sun, mat bhulee re bhai 

Sant mata kuch aur hein, jin khoja tin paayee  

{Listen to the message of the Sound Current and do not forget my brother. Path of the saints is something different, only those who have searched have found it.}  

Kabir sakat sang na jayiye, doori jayeiye bhag (Kabir, do not keep company of a non-believer and run as far as you can). Kabirdasji says that we should not keep company of a person who is led by his senses. We should keep away from them. Before we express our kindness, we need to think carefully. Due to lack of correct knowledge, we sometimes use kindness in places where it leads to bad results. We should express kindness only after a careful thought. Sometimes we express kindness at a wrong place, like if a blind man approaches us for alms and we give him money. Nowadays, it is racket to get the blind to beg and the money is used to consume alcohol and eat meat and eggs. In such a case our kindness results in a bad result for us. In such a situation Maharajji says before giving money to anyone, first find out who is really poor. There are things which people do not tell anyone but talk to saints about. Saints know where the money should be appropriately used and they use it for the same. This is the condition for giving donations as well – one should see the deserving and undeserving before giving donations, otherwise there are a number of live instances of misuse of funds from religious institutions. 

Once I went to Jaganath Puri, the Pandit there came and asked me Mata ji do you want to offer dry fruits to God. You can start with a minimum of twenty five rupees and go onto as much as you want. When someone comes from so far, they think I should offer more. And even kings and wealthy come there and make offerings. In some of these places, the offerings are misused for many bad deeds. We tried to do a good turn at our end but ultimately resulted in a misdeed. 

There are different excuses at different places. Somewhere it is to plant trees and at others it is to make charitable rest houses. A person donates with the intention that he receives a good result for the same. My mother used donate thirty two different items, sometimes oranges, sometimes something else. She used to say that when we donate something in this life then only we will benefit in the afterlife. Saints save us from such incorrect knowledge. They say that you will not find a single person in this world who is not unhappy and you will also not find anyone who is always unhappy. Kabirdasji explains in a beautiful verse:  

Tajo re mann, ye such dukh ka desh  

{O mind, leave this world, which is a land of happiness and unhappiness.}  

There is no home here which does not get happiness or sorrows, so you should go to the region where there is no sorrow, where there is always bliss. There is only one place like that, which is the purely spiritual region. That is our own country. No one has got everlasting happiness in the three worlds (material, astral and causal). You might have seen it in Mahabharat, in jest, friends of Shri Krishna’s son, tied a stone to his stomach, dressed him in girls clothing and took him to Rishi Durvasa and asked him whether it will be a boy or a girl? Initially, he tried to dissuade them and said he did not know, but when they insisted, in a fit of anger he said, the one born to him will finish the entire clan of Yadavs (clan to which Shri Krishna belonged). In order to nullify the curse, the boys ground the stone to dust and destroyed it. Where they ground the stone, thorns grew and the Yadav clan died fighting in this same area.  

Now only Shri Krishna was left. One hunter had put this same thorn on his arrow. Shri Krishna was resting with one of his feet atop the other, and his feet were radiating light. The hunter thought that it was the eye of a deer. He shot his arrow and when he went to collect his prey, he was saddened to see that he had hit Shri Krishna. Shri Krishna said, you should not be sad, this was our old Karma, which has borne its fruit. Even holy men have to pay the stored Karmas, you are but an ordinary hunter. It is only the saints who destroy our stored Karmas and take us to the purely spiritual region of Sachkhand. When saints initiate us, they destroy our stored Karma. The stored Karma are destroyed. One devotee asked, if you destroy the stored Karma, then destroy the Prarabadh Karma as well. Maharajji started laughing and said, if we destroy those, this body will be finished. We keep the Prarabdh so that in this body we can meditate and open the way to Sachkhand. Those who are complete saints, do not take anything from anyone. They also share with others, whatever they have earned. Those who eat by taking from others, cannot meet the Lord. Those who want to meet the Lord should earn their own bread. Kabirdasji, Rehdasji, whichever saints there have been have earned their own bread. One of the traits of saints is that they do not take anything from anyone. And those who are not spiritually attained but pose as holy men, sit in temples and holy places and gather money, living off it. They indulge in actions, which are considered despicable in the higher regions.  

By living off another’s money, we cannot cleanse our mind of violence and we will not have the inclination to remain in the company of spiritually attained people. Such people remain bereft of the positive effects of spiritual company. Even if they meet saints, they remain empty handed. Kind people are excited about helping others and they wish the good for everyone in line with the Lord’s wishes. A kind hearted person sacrifices his comfort to take away the discomfort of others and he is not worried about the extent of pains he has to take to help others. One who thus spends his time in service of the Lord and His children, earns the right to the true life and those who save themselves from it, destroy their lives.  

Only one who adopts and practices truth, contentment and kindness, can do this. One should leave one’s image of self and become the dust of everyone’s feet. But such high wealth is not given to everyone, it is given only to those, whom the Lord Himself blesses. This vast subject of kindness can be understood only by saints, as they treat every creature like themselves. This state can be attained only by learning to “die while living” (This refers to the experience of the soul detaching itself from the body and taking flight during meditation, which is the same process as experienced during death, except that in meditation, the soul returns back to the body).  

Marne se pahele agar marna tujhe aa jaayega 

Phir hamesha ke liye, tu jindagi paa jaayega

{If you learn to die before death, you will attain the eternal life.}  

Saints teach us the knowledge of dying while living. When we die the Kaal will take out the soul from this body. But saints teach us the technique of separating the soul from the body while we are still living. First our legs, then the trunk and then till the third eye, the soul current is withdrawn. The repetition ofNamwithdraws the soul from the body and then the Sound Current pulls us to the Sachkhand.  

We get this learning by hard work. Those who reach this state, get showered by mercy. Those who die while living, start getting the internal knowledge.  

Jeevit marein na sab kuchh kijey,  

antar jaane sarvdaya, Nanak taako milye badhai  

{One who dies while living, finds one in everyone. Such a person, says Nanak gets praised in the court of the Lord.}  

He gets praise in the court of the Lord and here he finds his reflection in everyone. He thinks, the way I have a soul, I feel the pain, everyone feels the pain similarly. When he sees the Lord everywhere and in everything, gets control of his senses and hears the Sound Current, has contentment and bears kindness for all creatures, then this cleansing is over. Then this pledge of assuming kindness gets over. It is said that knowledge is of three kinds, one is to hear, the way you have been hearing now. Then we contemplate on what has been said, and when we remember that, we should adopt it in our lives – we should become kind.

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