This is an attempt to put forth the teachings of the saint in a summary form. However, for a fuller understanding one needs to come in direct contact with the Satguru or someone authorized by the Satguru and then study the detailed path and more importantly experience it. Experience is above all, one who has been to Siberia in winters knows what biting cold means, one who has always been in tropical climate, however well one explains to the person the concept of biting cold means, will not really know it till he goes to a very cold place.

There was one Lord and he was alone and in a state of bliss. He had an inspiration to love and for that he became from one to many. At that time, the Absolute Lord came into expression as light and sound. The souls, were part of the Lord, He loved them and they loved Him. One of the souls was Kaal, who meditated on the Lord for a long period of time and in favor asked to make a time bound creation of his own, habited by the souls and was granted the same. Thus, began the misery for the souls, who were entrenched with the mind and the consequent Karmas. The Karmas dragged the soul back into the material world at the time of death and thus the cycle of births and death.

The Lord constantly loves us and the souls reciprocate the love but are too entrenched with the downward pulls of the mind, led by the senses, to fully experience it. The connection with the Lord is maintained through the Sound Current, which vibrates throughout existence and sustains all life.

The saints are ordained by the Lord to come to the material world and spread the message of love to those who are kindled and teach them the path to return back to spiritual realms, leaving the mind behind. They do this by connecting the soul to the Sound Current, which takes the soul through various internal regions back to its source in Sachkhand.

The various steps / elements of the spiritual path include:

Initiation by a living Satguru: Only one who is connected to the Lord can connect us to Him. Initiation, is a process of the Satguru adopting the disciple and giving him / her some internal experience on the first day. This is the beginning of the spiritual journey for the disciple and it is also the beginning of the end of his miseries. Though, the disciple is generally told about this and in return promises to eschew non-vegetarian food (including eggs) and alcohol or any abusive substance, in rare cases, the Satguru may just take care of a disciple without formal initiation.

Satsang: Regular Satsang is a medium of understanding the detailed nuances of the path and its practice in day to day world. But it is also a strong medium to be in presence of the Satguru and get Satgurus grace. It is said (an not in vain) that one should leave hundreds of tasks but attend to Satsang.

Right living: This is the path of adopting the attributes, which will weaken the grip of the senses on our mind and liberate it to allow us to take flight in our meditation. The Navratnas provided by Kabirdasji and presented by Maharajji in a series of Satsangs are jewels to be adopted in our living to release the mind from its bondage to the senses.