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Sawan Adhyatmic Satsang Society (SASS) was founded by Sant Chander Prabhaji Maharaj, after the name of her Satguru, Sawan Singh Maharaj of Beas. After the departure of Sawan Singh Maharaj in 1948, she came to Delhi and continued her spiritual journey under the guidance of Sant Kirpal Singhji, himself also an initiate of Sawan Singh Maharaj.

The ashram is located in Saraswati Vihar, Pitampura and Maharajji herself resides there. Under her aegis, her daughter Shrimati Uma Sharma and her elder son Shri Chand Bhardwaj conduct Satsang within the ashram as well as in other locations.

The main objective of Maharajji is to enlighten and emancipate the thirsting souls through initiation onto the spiritual path, which is an age-old path taught by all saints. The main way to do so is Satsang (propinquity of a saint or attending a discourse under the aegis of such a saint), Simran (repetition of the holy words given at the time of initiation) and Naam (the eternal sound current through which we are connected to the Lord). The society has published a few books, articles and magazines related to the spiritual path as well as recordings of some of the Satsangs is available on this website, which explains the path in greater detail and in its nuances.

SASS operates solely on the teachings and directions of Sant Chander Prabhaji Maharaj and direct contact with a saint (or through a representative authorized by them) is essential in initiation and progress on this path.

Nam is the remedy for all ills
It is the source of all happiness

For people new to the path, please also read the Glossary of spiritual terms for greater understanding of those terms.

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